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No Time to Wait and Watch

By EMN Updated: Mar 20, 2020 11:51 pm

Barely have we recovered from the jolt we took in the wake of a hyped solution to our aged Naga political dialogue that we, in all vulnerability, stand exposed to ‘COVID-19’ (Novel Corona Virus). Amidst the predicament, self-gratification has yet to give way, with en number of claimant as regards its prophecy or for that matter recourse ensuing its cure and prevention. From the stage of our unbecoming indulgence in making fun of the epidemic on media platforms, loose talks, to accounts of racism and myths; the virus in its pandemic nature has brought the world to a standstill. Apparently, at the moment, not only are we clueless but in a state of apprehension, if not with remorse!

Sadly, at the backdrop of this vulnerability is a ‘Virus’ to drill in us the need to keep our hands clean, to avoid touching our face unnecessarily, to cover our nose and mouth when sneezing and coughing or not to spit in public places, etc… Though we stake claim to be conscious and responsible about our personal hygiene practices, yet here we are, compelled to accept that we actually required ‘Corona Virus’ to teach us how to keep germs at bay! So was the whole idea about wearing of mask until the outbreak, wherein a person seen with one would be labelled asocial, a weirdo or someone hostile? Presumably, in all our perfections and awareness somehow we still remain blind in our inability to look ourselves in the mirror.

With experiments revealing findings about the longevity of the virus linked to temperate climate condition, the onset of summer is being widely awaited, like never before. In anticipation, our State government in line with the rest of the world imposed closure of offices and institutions too.  Notwithstanding the laudable effort though, World Health Organisation has it that the virus can thrive even in humid and hot conditions too. So what is in the pipeline after March 31st of for that matter Apr 12th? Unlike most countries, ours neither is a country that is technologically nor medically insulated, so is the awareness level of the populace. In the case of Nagaland we don’t even have the wherewithal and space to actually quarantine sizeable number of people if found carrying the virus. We don’t even have a clue as to how many may be around with the virus, even if we claim to be without one.

Despite whatever inadequacy, the dictum ‘prevention is better than cure’ holds relevance always and every time and with necessary measures in place in invoking of ‘Nagaland Epidemic Diseases Act’, screening of transients, involvement of CSOs and institutions, government officials doing their two penny’s worth and more notably with the general public sharing concerns about hygiene; we can surely contain the virus and buy enough time until a remedy comes by.

Vincent Patton

By EMN Updated: Mar 20, 2020 11:51:15 pm
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