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No teacher in sight, Sakshi’s entire school shuts in protest

By Our Reporter Updated: Aug 21, 2016 12:03 am

DIMAPUR, AUGUST 20 : With no affirmative response from the government of Nagaland, members of the Sakshi Students’ Union (SSU), based in Longleng district, have made good on their assurance to shut the village’s high school and start agitations.
The small community’s continuing demand to the authorities of the state for mathematics and science teachers has yet to be met.

Small in number and based in a remote corner of the state but demanding attention to their plight, the members of the union and the school’s small number of students marched it out on Tuesday.
As declared through the local media, the members of the village’s school and students’ union undertook their second phase of agitations by shutting down the government high school of Sakshi, since Tuesday, August 16.

“The school has been locked for the past five days and the innocent students are losing their academic career due to the callous attitude of the school education department and the department shall be fully responsible for killing the future of government high school of Sakshi,” remarked former council chairman of Sakshi village Nyamnyei Phom.

The school was upgraded from a middle school in 1991. However, no teacher was deployed to the high school, according to student leaders of Sakshi village.

It may be noted that the school at Sakshi is said to be 25 years old and the third-oldest school in Longleng district. It had been running without mathematics and science teachers till date.

Further, the school’s board and the village’s students’ union have been requesting the School Education department for said subject teachers. Even after numerous submissions of memorandums and ultimatums to the department requesting for said subject teachers, there has yet to be any response from the government to the urgent requirement.

The students’ union is determined to go to any length to achieve their goal and will not call off the agitation unless their demand is met.

By Our Reporter Updated: Aug 21, 2016 12:03:33 am