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No need for new roads, present ones bad enough: Azo

By EMN Updated: Oct 23, 2013 11:09 pm


MINISTER for Roads & Bridges Kuzholuzo Nienu said there is no rationale for undertaking new road projects in Nagaland when the condition of the existing roads in the State were already in ‘bad state.’
He was speaking during a ceremony to mark the foundation stone for “strengthening and blacktopping” of 12 kilometers road from Konya village to Chendang Saddle, at Konya village on Wednesday. The work is to be undertaken by King Coal & Energy Ltd, a coal mining company,
The minister has emphasized the need to maintain existing roads ‘in a better way’. Expressing serious concern about the prevailing road conditions all over the state, Nienu was of the opinion that there was no rationality in taking up new road projects at the cost of nature ‘when the existing roads were in a bad state.’
Appreciating the king Coal & Energy Ltd for undertaking the work, the minister also reminded the company to give earnest effort in constructing quality roads while keeping in mind the need to preserve nature. Terming the company’s exercise as one of the first among its kind in the state, the minister also urged the company to sign an agreement with the department so that ‘no room for future misunderstanding’ is created in the near future.
The minister also emphasizing on the need to maintain ecological balance in the region, he urged the company to take into consideration the need to protect environment at all cost by adopting scientific methods. Citing Mon district as an example, the minister urged the company to venture out to create awareness to the people ‘wherein traditional coal mining is been practiced.’ ‘Haphazard extraction, especially rat hole extraction of coal has led to massive lost of ecology and created environmental concerns in Mon district of Nagaland,’ he said in regret.
Earlier, Deputy Commissioner of Tuensang Mhabemo Yanthan urged the company to draw comprehensive and ‘acceptable modalities’ with the landowners with the full knowledge of the district administration. He also pointed to the need to have welfare schemes in earnest for the welfare of the public and landowners.
Also speaking, president of the Confederation of Chang Students Union Hongkin and CKS vice president, Chingmak toed the line of the minister. They urged the company to adhere to the ‘scientific mode of extracting the coal’ while also keeping in mind the regulations and norms set by the ENPO and the CKS.

By EMN Updated: Oct 23, 2013 11:09:27 pm