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No final agreement without public consent — Jamir

By EMN Updated: Sep 28, 2019 12:26 am
Dr. SC Jamir

Eastern Mirror Desk

Dimapur, Sep. 27: Former Chief Minister of Nagaland, Dr. SC Jamir on Friday maintained that it was obligatory on the part of the Naga groups to reveal the contents of the accord to the Naga people before signing any final agreement with the government of India.

Jamir was speaking at the golden jubilee of the Nagaland Bar Association held in Dimapur.

According to him, Naga people are no longer novice in politics or ignorant of contemporary political realities.

“They are acutely conscious and alive to the kind of situation in which both the underground groups and the government of India are embroiled,” said Jamir, adding that it would be politically expedient on the part of the parties involved in the negotiation to immediately and seriously get down to the brass tacks for early solution.

Jamir expressed disappointment that some factions continue to ‘filibuster’ during such a crucial period by indulging in ‘symbolic rhetoric’.

“The interest of the Naga people must override individual’s greed; the Naga public should not be taken for a ride anymore,” he said.

Jamir also wondered what the priority would be in the aftermath of the signing of the final agreement. He said that with the advent of a new political dispensation, “all the seen and unseen ghosts who were tormenting the entire population of Nagaland will gradually disappear.”

“The people will have to look towards only one political entity in the state and look to a better future; for far too long Nagas have been living in the past,” said Jamir.

The former chief minister urged the gathering to take cognisance of the challenges of Naga polity and render their services towards consummation of the political problem prevailing in the state.

According to him, the elected government in the state has been usurped by unconstitutional elements. “Multiple courts, multiple taxations and multiple celebrations of national functions are glaring examples of the abdication of constitutional authority by elected government,” said Jamir.

Further, he maintained that to make any significant contribution towards the Naga cause, the legislators are expected to have a discerning and independent mind of their own, with the moral conviction and strength to express their views without fear, favour, or caprice.

“At a time when the government of India and the Naga political groups are seriously engaged in bringing out an honourable political arrangement, the state government should actively involve itself in mobilising public opinion to create a favourable political environment and strengthen the political process,” shared Jamir.

He felt that the most tragic and damaging political development in the state over the last decade was the marginalisation of the state government to the role of ‘petty second fiddle’ in governing matters. “The elected government has become helpless and hopeless caricatures, fearing even to assert their constitutional rights to run the affairs of the state without any interference,” said Jamir.

He pointed out that there are more than 80,000 educated unemployed Nagas currently. “This is another monumental problem in front of us; nothing can be done under the present chaotic condition of the state,” said Jamir.

He concluded by urging the legal fraternity to speak up on what is true, right and to know the difference of black and white.

By EMN Updated: Sep 28, 2019 12:26:03 am