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No breach of Covid norms in Kohima last 3 days

By Menuse-O Max Khieya Updated: Jun 01, 2021 10:31 pm
Street in Kohima wears a deserted during the lockdown. (EM Images)

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Kohima, June 1 (EMN): The state capital witnessed lesser non-essential movement of both people and vehicles during the last week of May after many of the municipal colonies imposed complete lockdown.

Several colonies had imposed total lockdown, particularly in the last week not only to restrain non-essential movement and breach of Covid-19 norms but also to reduce the surge in Covid-19 positive cases in Kohima.

Talisunep Imchen, PRO of Kohima, told Eastern Mirror on Tuesday that there was no report of people violating Covid-19 guidelines in the past three days.

‘There is not much change over the last report which we gave you because now people are not coming out except those who are exempted from the purview of the lockdown,’ he said. 

The PRO had earlier informed this newspaper that about 20 persons were penalised in the state capital on May 28. He informed on Tuesday that the figures remain the same.

While stating that people were becoming ‘more aware’, the police officer also expressed hope that citizens would continue to remain isolated at home during the lockdown period which has been extended till June 11.

“Everybody should play their part to fight this Covid,” Imchen said, adding that people should continue to extend their co-operation even in the remaining days during the lockdown period. 

Meanwhile, the deputy commissioner and chairman of district task force (DTF) on Covid-19 had issued an order on May 31 stating that any additional restriction other than the ones issued by the DTF is “strictly unwarranted”.

A colony leader told this newspaper said that five to six colonies had imposed total lockdown during the past couple of days following reports of ‘many unnecessary movements’ of both people and vehicles, leading to an increase in the number of new cases.

“The government officers sit at their office and give orders but we know about the necessities better since we are in the field,” the leader said, adding that such measures were for “the welfare of the residents”.

However, he said that they have decided to comply with the government’s order as Association of Kohima Municipal Wards Panchayat (AKMWP) had issued a circular on Monday evening requesting all the constituent wards and unit leaders not to extend the restriction in their respective localities after the expiry of the already declared lockdown up to May 31.

AKMWP, which is a member of the DTF, also appealed to the wards to inform in writing if the need for a complete lockdown arises in their respective wards in the near future and provide appropriate reasons for such a move so that the association can examine and forward the matter to the DTF for necessary actions.

Meanwhile, another police officer said that people were comparatively more co-operative this year than during last year’s lockdown.

“However, even after so many exercises, some people venture out in the streets without any reason. It’s very difficult to understand some people,” he said.

He also opined that if the lockdown keeps on extending, people might probably come out of their homes to loiter around even for fresh air.

By Menuse-O Max Khieya Updated: Jun 01, 2021 10:31:04 pm