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NNC/FGN Rengma region affirms on territory

By EMN Updated: Nov 08, 2017 11:11 pm

Dimapur, Nov. 8 (EMN): NNC/FGN Rengma region has reaffirmed its stand on the Rengma Naga region territory as framed in the NNC/FGN yehzabo Part-I Article 7 and not to cede an iota of land to anyone.

The resolution to this effect was taken in its meeting on November 3 at Tseminyu town. It stated that the Rengma Naga region territory was framed in the NNC/FGN Yehzabo Part-1 Article 7, where the British Government (UK) in consultation with the Rengma Naga and the Ahom (Assam) people demarcated the Rengma Naga territory on April 18, 1841, and declared to the world.

The house also resolved not to tolerate any outsiders/foreigners meddling in the affairs of its territory as demarcated in 1841 nor cede an iota of its land to any whatsoever. The Region further invalidated the legitimacy of the GOI election in Nagalim as forceful subjugation and derogatory to its national health.

The Rengma Region appealed to all the Naga people in general to be wary of the Indian government’s political carnage against the Nagas. It urged the Naga people to forsake the fallacy of India’s social, political and economic blunder against the Nagas and embrace the true spirit of nationalism beneath the sacred emblem of God’s given six headed trinity stars and the symbol of peace (rainbow) flag within the NNC/FGN Yehzabo as prophesized to the Nagas through His words- Mathew 22: 37-40 and John 13:12-15.

The release was jointly appended by the region president Ronga Kent, Midan peyu Tegibu Khing, and leacy hoho speaker K Yhunsenlo Kent.

By EMN Updated: Nov 08, 2017 11:11:31 pm