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NNC seeks global citizens support to repeal AFSPA

By EMN Updated: Jun 04, 2016 12:33 am

Dimapur, June 3: Naga National Council (NNC) has hit out at Indian leaders in Delhi for their inability to exercise political power in speaking out the truth about excesses committed by the armed forces under AFSPA of 1958.

NNC, through its information and publicity wing, ridiculed the Indian leader for failing to repeal the black law despite recommendations by their constituted commission, human right organizations and the United Nations body. It said the draconian law of Armed Forces rule in the Northeast region especially in Nagaland from 1958 till date was to suppress and oppress Naga people in particular of their inalienable right to freedom and the Northeast people of their political rights.

It has termed the recent utterance of the Defense Minister of India, Manohar Parrikar, who stated that without the law of AFSPA of 1958, armed forces cannot go to civilian areas was a lie as their forces were well stationed in the best area/ places of city , town, and even villages in the Northeast region. It said Indian armed forces are well stationed in the very heart of all these places with immunity creating fear psychosis to the people and carrying out their very policy since 1958 who were suppose to be stationed in the border areas.

NNC further stated that Northeast people and the Naga people in particular suffered the most under the black law of the Indian Government for the last 58 years in the hand of their armed forces.

NNC once again earnestly appealed to the people of the world to condemn and be done away with this draconian law of GOI for peace and freedom to prevail in the region.

By EMN Updated: Jun 04, 2016 12:33:29 am