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Tuesday, May 21, 2024

NNC PB terminates three for anti-government activities

By EMN Updated: Apr 29, 2024 7:51 pm

DIMAPUR — The NNC Parent Body (Z Royim) has terminated three members—Nupavi Achumi, who served as commandant for the region and was presently serving as a seasonal general secretary on deputation; Kakuto, who held the position of home in-charge; and Khevukhu, UT-1—from the Naga national service with immediate effect, citing allegations of anti-government activities.

In a press release, it was stated that these three members were appointed by the vice president but were not inducted into the government. Furthermore, they were accused of issuing unofficial press releases without the knowledge of the president in the name of NNC PB (Z Royim) and propagating announcements using old video clips of the official declaration of president UNPG-NNC on May 13, 2023.

These actions were said to have tarnished the image of Z Royim, NNC PB, as well as other political groups.

Issued by the president, the release mentioned that the NNC Parent Body (Z Royim) government follows a presidential form of government, specifically a single executive system. In this system, the head of government is the president, followed by the vice president, commander-in-chief, lieutenant general, along with a council of kilonsers, and so forth.

It said that it was discovered that some individuals were collecting taxes or contributions from offices and business establishments in the name of NNC PB (self-proclaimed finance kilonser and ato kilonser).

To control and clean up those unauthorised activities carried out by individuals as well as to protect the business community from unwanted taxation imposed by unauthorised persons, the president had directed vice president SS Pongkhu Naga to assume responsibility for the office during his absence and oversee matters related to the portfolios of kilonser finance, personnel, and administrative reforms.

It was clarified that the NNC PB is not a parliamentary body of the government, so the post of ato kilonser has not been created thus far. The general secretary is neither accountable nor allowed to exercise power within the government.

The decision to terminate them was made after the presidential emergency meeting on April 27 by the president and the executive members of the highest decision-making body of the NNC Parent Body.

It said that henceforth, the NNC Parent Body (Z Royim) has erased their name from the official record and will not accept or entertain any manner of re-settlement or take responsibility for the terminated cadres.

It maintained that no single individual can bypass or supersede the judgement or decision pronounced by the collective leadership (the highest decision-making body) with the approval and endorsement of the collective decision of the joint council.

By EMN Updated: Apr 29, 2024 7:51:06 pm
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