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Thursday, February 22, 2024
Mokokchung, Nagaland

NLA Speaker urges students to refocus on home mission at OKM meet

By Imrongkumba Aier Updated: Jan 17, 2024 11:05 pm
NLA Speaker
Sharingain Longkumer addressing the 39th OKM General Conference at Kubza village on Wednesday.

MOKOKCHUNG — Sharingain Longkumer, Speaker of the Nagaland Legislative Assembly, urged students at the Ongpangkong Students’ Conference (OKM) on Wednesday to refocus on their home mission, encompassing politics, religion, and education, in order to fulfil the theme of the general conference, “Nuchiba Shisaluyim” (liberated education).

He was speaking as the inaugural guest at the 39th OKM General Conference, which began at Kubza village, about 15 kilometres from Mokokchung town.

He asked them to recognise the significant responsibility and duties that lie with Ongpangpang, which represent nearly 40 percent of the population of Mokokchung, according to the 2011 census, and hold 35 percent of the votes.

“Today Ongpangkong needs to wake up with a vision statement of what we aspire for in the next 15 years,” he said, adding that they need to discipline themselves to face difficulties and obstacles and then focus on collective aspirations.

In terms of employment, he stated that the government has prioritised meritocracy and that the job market has become extremely competitive; therefore, students must stand out among the best and seize every opportunity both within and outside of the state.

Lipokmeren Jamir, president of Ongpangkong Mungdang, also spoke at the event.

With the ongoing changes, he suggested that the student community adopt a new approach to organising the general conference, which would not only benefit the host village but also enhance the productivity of the students’ conference.

Also, he highlighted the importance of focusing on three essential components for a better future: communication, health, and education.

More than 500 delegates from 18 units have gathered at Kupza village for the three-day conference, which will culminate on January 19.

By Imrongkumba Aier Updated: Jan 17, 2024 11:05:26 pm
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