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Monday, April 22, 2024
Dimapur, Nagaland

NIT Nagaland holds convocation programme

By Purnungba Longkumer Updated: Jan 24, 2024 8:57 pm
Temjen Imna Along giving away certificate to a graduate during the NIT Nagaland convocation programme in Chümoukedima on Wednesday.

DIMAPUR — National Institute of Technology (NIT), Nagaland, conferred doctorate to 16 individuals, postgraduate degrees in M.Tech and M.Sc to 34 students and undergraduate degrees in B.Tech to 160 students for the academic year 2022-23 during its convocation programme held at its campus in Chümoukedima on Wednesday.

Speaking at the programme, the chief guest and minister of Tourism and Higher Education, Temjen Imna Longkumer, commended the noteworthy accomplishments made by NIT particularly in the state of Nagaland. He shared that during their time, there were no esteemed institutions like NIT in Nagaland and expressed admiration for the significant progress made by NIT Nagaland over the years.

Longkumer lamented that the presence of NIT in Nagaland was not widely known among the people in the state and added that such an institution is a blessing for both Nagaland and the nation. He expressed hope that more young individuals from Nagaland would emerge not only within the specified quota but also in the general category.

He stated that the merits acquired through their scholastic endeavour must not be solely for the pride of self, instead, their scholarly achievements, knowledge and intellect must also be dedicated to the larger purpose of nation-building, fostering community growth, empowering their people and empowering themselves.

“Today Nagaland is suffering due to literate people. Their literacy is so high that they cannot do anything and become a burden on their communities, government and their own families,” Longkumer said.

He stated that high literacy rate has unfortunately resulted in a loss of humility and reluctance to engage in hard work but rather opted to form unions, thereby distorting the very thought process of a developed Nagaland.

Longkumer stated that those with a genuine desire for community development might not receive immediate accolades or certificates, however through unwavering commitment and persistent efforts, their endeavours would eventually yield fruitful outcomes.

He further stated that the journey ahead would not be easy or smooth saying that if they encountered challenges, it signify that they were on the right track. He pointed out that life’s journey can never be easy and smooth.

By Purnungba Longkumer Updated: Jan 24, 2024 8:57:21 pm
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