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Nine Naga girls rescued

By Our Reporter Updated: May 19, 2020 11:12 pm

Our Reporter
Dimapur, May 19 (EMN):
Nine Naga girls were rescued from their flat in Amritsar where they had been locked in by the house owner for their inability to pay monthly rent, according to an official of the Naga Students’ Union Punjab (NSUP).

Speaking to Eastern Mirror, the president of NSUP, Imsanger Jamir, who lives in Jalandhar, said that in April the girls had called him and asked for assistance as they were not paid salary by their employers and facing hardships.

Jamir Informed that the girls worked at a hotel and were living together.

“With the help of the Bishop from the Church of India, Amritsar and the NCF pastor, Jalandhar, we have been assisting them financially as well as providing essential commodities,” informed Jamir.

According to him, on May 18, the girls called the pastor saying that the house owner had locked them in since they could not pay their rent.

Subsequently, the police along with the bishop, the pastor, and the NSUP president rescued the girls.

“The house owner was arrested and after verification by the police, it was found that the hotel management where the girls worked was suppose to pay not only their salaries but also their rent as they were part of a government scheme,” informed Jamir. The NSUP president also informed that the principle director of School Education, Shanavas C, who has been assigned to monitor and assist stranded Nagas outside Nagaland, was intimated of the situation.

“He called me and said that rightful authorities in the police have been informed and everything will be sorted out,” said Jamir.

Eventually, the hotel paid the girls’ salaries as well as the rent on Monday and the issue was settled, informed Jamir.

“I spoke to the girls today (Tuesday) and they informed me that they are moving freely now and they are not facing any problems at the moment,” said Jamir.

He further informed that on Tuesday evening, the bishop has volunteered to give the girls shelter at the CNI church premises in Amritsar.

Jamir appealed to the government of Nagaland to come up with a solution for the stranded passengers in Punjab ‘as many are facing such problems’.

“There are 130 stranded passengers in my list and they are also facing eviction by next month if their rents are not paid,” said Jamir.

According to him, most of the stranded persons are confused and helpless, as they do not know when they can return to Nagaland.

‘If nothing is done, the union along with help of others will be hiring buses for the stranded persons to return to Nagaland from Punjab,’ he added.

By Our Reporter Updated: May 19, 2020 11:12:10 pm