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Niathu Group Sports Festival 2019 begins

By EMN Updated: Oct 25, 2019 12:06 am

Sports symbolises unity, friendship and brotherhood, says Kechangulie Rio

Lt. General Rajeev Sirohi (fifth from left) with Kechangulie Rio to his right and other officials at the inaugural function of the 7th edition of Niathu Group Sports Festival 2019 in Dimapur on October 24. (EM Images)

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Dimapur, Oct. 24 (EMN):
The 7th edition of Niathu Group Sports Festival 2019 (sports festival of the North east tribal youth) commenced on October 24 at Niathu Resort, 7th mile Chumoukedima, Dimapur, on the theme ‘celebrating youth through sports’. The three-day event will conclude on October 26.

Addressing the opening ceremony, guest of honour GOC 3 Corps, Lt. General Rajeev Sirohi, said that ‘being in army, sportsmanship is very near and dear to us.’ He added that looking at the array of sports discipline — volleyball, badminton, lawn tennis, billiards, Naga wrestling, angling and cycling — he mentioned that there is no better moment to celebrate youth than through sports.

Sirohi stated that youths have a tremendous future ahead. It is the responsibility of our generation to give better future and through the medium of sports we can take it forward, he said.

He urged the teams to compete but advised that it is not about winning or losing but about participation, making friends, and understanding each other.

Chairman of Niathu Group of Hotels and Resorts, Kechangulie Rio said that Niathu Group Sports Festival was initiated with an aim to inspire to live a healthier and better life through sports and to give platform of friendship. While welcoming the participants from states like Tripura, Assam, Manipur, Nagaland and armed forces, he said sports is an important aspect of a healthy society, symbolising unity, friendship, brotherhood and team spirit, and believed that the event would compose of all these values.

Rio went on to say that all genders of athlete would be brought together in the quest for excellence and friendship.

‘May the young generation be inspired by the values of sport and do their best by displaying strong determination, great perseverance and true sportsmanship and promote the spirit of solidarity,’ he maintained.

Day 1 results

Men’s volleyball: M-H-10 Kohima defeated Sukushomi Club Dimapur; DGP Nagaland defeated Sumi Games and Sport Association; Assam Rifles defeated M.O.S.A.T Tripura; Lamkang Brothers defeated Trinity Club Kiruphema; M-H-10 Kohima defeated Rangapahar Warrior; Jorhat Team deafeated Sumi Games and Sport Association; Lamkang Brothers defeated Sukushomi Club Dimapur; DGP Nagaland defeated Assam Rifles; Trinity Club Kiruphema defeated Rangapahar Warrior; Jorhat Team defeated M.O.S.A.T Tripura

Women’s volleyball: Lamkang Jorrek defeated Off Season Club; Sumi Game and Sport Association defeated Barrak Smasher Peren; Rongmie Naga Youth Organisation defeated H.A.S.S.A.; Jorhat Team defeated Thunder Spike Club; Lamkang Jorrek defeated Phomla Team; Off Season Club defeated Barrak Smasher Peren

Men’s singles (Tennis)

Pre qualifier: Rohan Suharto defeated Arjun Bahadur Chetri

Pre quarters: Vilasier Khate defeated Maj P Rajesh; Kikrusetuo Sekhose defeated Vilhoubelie; Maj Sunny Singh defeated Ketuneituo Solo; Vikhzolie khate defeated Thejasevor; Vizhasier Nakhro defeated Kevichukho Kire; Vitsizolie Nagi defeated Neiketuo Khome; Menuovi Kire defeated Haominthung Chongloi; Thejaser  Khate defeated Rohan Soukhato


First round: Neitho Chadi defeated John Calvin; Kakiho P. Awomi defeated Wati Jamir; Alhu defeated Akok Lonchar; Kihevi Zhimo defeated Martin Shikhu

Second round: Neitho Chadi defeated Alhu; Kihevi Zhimo defeated Kakiho P. Awomi


First round: Akumtoshi defeated Lt. Col. Basalt Talwar; Tutu Solo defeated Tohoto Chishi; Kihevi Zhimo defeated Neitho Chadi; Shilu defeated Er. Ghushito Yeptho; Khekaho Chishi defeated Iloto Chishi; John Calvin defeated Akok Longchar


Boys singles U-17 first round: Noel Chetri defeated Keyilungdiakpe; Karan Goswami defeated Kimiyeto Assumi; Nochet Walling defeated Renchamo; Vito Assumi defeated Rangsunlakpe

Boys double U-17 first round: Lungningpeng / Rangsunlakpe defeated Bendangyanger / Himato Murru; Imtitong Imchen / Ruvezo defeated Keyilungdiakpe / Vito Assumi; Nngshijung Aier / Noel Chitri defeated Megovituo / Seketou; Peramrisi / Teichang Herie defeated Hinato Sumi / Kivibo K Murru


Men’s volleyball: M-H-10 Kohima Vs Lamkang Brothers; Assam Rifles Vs Sumi Games and Sport Association; Rangapahar Warrior Vs Sukushomi Club Dimapur; M.O.S.A.T Tripura Vs DGP Nagaland; Trinity Club Kiruphema Vs M-H-10 Kohima; Assam Rifles Vs Jorhat Team; Lamkang Brothers Vs Rangapahar Warrior; Sumi Games and Sport Association Vs M.O.S.A.T Tripura; Sukushomi Club Dimapur Vs Trinity Club Kiruphema; DGP Nagaland Vs Jorhat Team

Men’s singles (Tennis) – quarter: Vilasier Khate Vs Kikrusetuo Sekhose; Maj Sunny Singh Vs Vikhzolie Khate; Vitsizolie Nagi Vs Vizhasier Nakhro; Menuovi Kire Vs Thejaser  Khate

Billiard (final): Neitho Chadi Vs Kihevi Zhimo

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