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NGHSSEA opposes ‘total cease work’ from March 2

By EMN Updated: Feb 27, 2015 11:53 pm

Joint meeting of NSEAOA, NSSFOF, ANSTA resolves to go ahead

Dimapur, February 27

In view of the ‘total cease work’ called by All Nagaland School Teachers Association (ANSTA),Nagaland Secondary Field Officers Forum (NSSFOF) and Nagaland School Education Administrative Officers Association (NSEAOA) from March 2, the Nagaland Government Higher Secondary School Employees Association (NGHSSEA) has appealed to the three associations to re-consider their call in the greater interest of student community, saying as educators, students’ career should not be compromised while trying to fulfill their ‘vested interests’. The NGHSSEA asked all the members of the Association to abstain from the agitation and requested the Higher Secondary field officers–DDEOs, officiating DEOs, principals, vice principals and PGTs to extend all possible help to the students and the department.
A statement jointly issued by NGHSSEA President Kelhikha Kenye, Vice President Liyalo Apon, Publicity Secy, Visezo Thakro, Finance Secy. Dr.Bijano Murry, Treasurer P. Aienla Longkumer, and Joint Secy.Lima said, the association has no interest or intention to antagonise with any particular group but felt the need to raise pertinent concerns confronting the education department.
The NGHSSEA felt that aggressive approach taken by some organisations against the education department policies would seriously hamper the education process in the state as large sections of the Naga society who are economically weaker are dependent on the government schools for education. The Association also urged the government to stand firm to protect and preserve the sanctity of the department and its policy.
“Education Department being the largest departments in the state shouldering the vital responsibility of shaping our future generation has unfortunately resorted to the trend of agitations or serving ultimatum like ‘total cease work.

The NSEAOA, whose members comprise Director(s) of School Education down to Assistant Superintendent of the directorate of School Education have joined the ANSTA and NSSFOF as a ‘triplet’ in almost every lobby against the government.
The three associations submitted 7-day ultimatum to the government on 19th November 2014, opposing the education department’s ‘New Staffing Pattern’ terming it as “School unfriendly policy.
The NGHSSEA wondered as to what would happen to department of school education in Nagaland and the school education process in the government-run schools when even the administrative officers have started serving ultimatum to the government and gave agitation call for “total cease work” even in the midst of students’ examinations.
NGHSSEA were surprised on findings that a large section of the directorate officers including the planning, Hindi, Physical Education, Language/Textbook & Higher secondary officers were not consulted on the issue of opposing the “New Staffing Pattern” or agitation call to ‘’ total cease work”.
The NGHSSEA asked the government authority to look into matter with due seriousness.
“There are many associations under the DSE. NSEAOA as a matured administrative association is expected to lead the others with good examples. NSEAOA taking the biased stand to side with one section of the department to take such extreme measures is unfortunate. Serving ultimatum to the government or agitation against the government policy instead of protecting it by the NSEAOA would set a wrong precedent and send a negative message to other associations.”
The NGHSSEA maintained that the ‘’New Staffing Pattern” of the education department is for the good of the department and students as it would save large amount of public money and partially solve the problem of teacher shortage in the government schools.
“Policy comes under the domain of the government authority. Therefore, aggressive opposition to government policy may become counter-productive to the department in the long run.”
As the education department has celebrated its 50th Anniversary in 2014, the NGHSSEA believed that the government should examine the DSE and make necessary changes (if any) to meet the new challenges in the field of education in our state.
Meanwhile, the NGHSSEA lauded the decision taken by All Nagaland Primary Graduate Teachers Association not to participate in the agitation call made by ANSTA, NSEAOA and NSSFOF from March 2. “Primary teachers in the DSE comprise more than 50% of the total man power. As such, it can play vital role in taking education to a higher level in the state.”
Meanwhile, the joint meeting of NSEAOA, NSSFOF, ANSTA held on February 26 at CANSSEA Conference Hall, Kohima deliberated on the ultimatum submitted earlier to the Govt. of Nagaland along with other related representation submitted earlier.
The meeting resolved to go ahead with the proposed cease work agitation wef 2nd – 7th March from their posting places and asked the members to remain in their respective station. Preparation for National Achievement Survey (NAS) work will be done and conduct the same on March 5.
In the meeting the four-point ultimatum was reviewed and updated.
The ultimatum said promotion of an ex-cadre officer to the post of Addl. Director to either cancelled the promotion order or made personal to the officer concerned.
Secondly, 2 directors for Elementary & Secondary Education for the welfare of the employees to look after the GPS 2045, GMS 961, GHS 252 in the state comprising of 3258 schools with an employees of 24000, besides, demanding for SDEO’s post up gradation equivalent to Deputy Director, Headmaster to Asst. Director rank, Asst. Headmaster post be made Class-I and JEO post be remained as Class-II.
Thirdly, filling of resultant vacancies from JEO to Addl. Director posts. It demanded to constitute regular DPC in the department to regulate the backlog of the promotional stagnancy. The 112 upgraded Govt. High School should be immediately filled up by Headmaster and Asst. Headmaster.
Lastly, distribution of proper assignments between Principals and Headmasters and DEO to look after the Secondary Section, DDEO to see the affairs of Higher Secondary Section.
It was resolved that till the demands are fulfilled the constituent associations will continue to agitate in a democratic manner.

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