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NGBF Ultimate Appeal on Indo-Naga Peace Talks

By EMN Updated: Aug 25, 2019 10:36 pm

Shri. Narendra Modi,
Hon’ble Prime Minister of India.
7 Lok Kalyan Marg, New Delhi.

Hon’ble Prime Minister,

On behalf of our people, we bring greetings to you and congratulate you on your second term as Prime Minister of the World’s largest democracy. Sir, at this juncture of history, your leadership is very crucial to the Naga people, the people of India and the world at large.

Nagas have been yearning for real peace and stability for over five decades post colonial period. Every decade saw one or the other agreement or statutes mounted over the Nagas, orchestrated by few without taking the confidence of the stakeholders. Instead of pursuing political dialogue over a political problem, the heavily militarized Naga land saw only military engagements between Indian army and Naga nationalists. The conflict intensified resulting in innumerable loss to lives on both sides. New armed Naga Nationalist organisations emerged.

In recent times, the Government of India signed the “Framework Agreement” with NSCN (IM) on 3rd August 2015. The Government of India also signed the “Agreed Position” with Working Committee (WC), Naga National Political Groups (NNPGs), a conglomeration of seven Naga armed groups, on 17th November 2017. This time all stakeholders, including Naga Tribal Bodies, Naga Civil Societies, Students, Mothers, and Interdenominational Churches are much involved in the process.

Hon’ble Prime Minister, we are in the fag end of second decade of 21st century. The world’s spotlight is on India, the biggest democracy in the world. Your announcement to the world in Dubai, UAE in 2015, about resolving the Indo-Naga conflict is unprecedented. We got the glimpse of your leadership quality and commitment to issue needing redressals. The NGBF is confident that your esteemed office will put commitment to practice now that WC, NNPGs and GOI interlocutor on indo-Naga peace talks Shri. RN Ravi has touched most of the crucial matters in the two years of negotiations. Mr. R.N Ravi, who is also the Governor of Nagaland state, has assured the Naga people that settlement will be announced within three months. This is the most opportune time for GOI and Nagas to resolve the conflict.

In your time, Mr. Prime Minister, the coming generation Nagas must be given a chance to fulfill their potential without denying their history, culture, identity and political right. The NGBF acknowledge the current Indian leadership with you at the helm. We believe the solution to Naga question will entrench your reputation as the most dynamic and committed leader in the democratic world.

Hon’ble Prime Minister, NGBF feels that if there remain unresolved issues, requiring democratic and political process, the negotiating parties may, in the interest of both India and Nagas, decide best acceptable course for the future.

Inordinate delay in the ‘Indo-Naga Peace Talks’ has done more harm than good to all the stakeholders. Everything has a season. As promised, the negotiating parties are urged to announce honourable and acceptable solution within three months. Whatever is agreed upon be translated into a practical and workable political mechanism.

Prime Minister Sir, we the Nagaland GB(Village Chief) Federation (NGBF), the custodians of Naga Customary Laws and Traditions, and as representative and messengers of our people at the grass-root level, assure your esteemed self that we shall ensure our people maintain peace and public order as and when Indo-Naga Political settlement is announced. We will co-operate during the implementation and transitional period together with the Tribal bodies and frontal organizations of Nagaland. We are prepared to welcome honourable, acceptable and peaceful political solution as cherished by our people for decades.

L Shahlem Konyak, President
Shikuto Zalipu, General Secretary
Akhu Naga, Secretary Media Cell

By EMN Updated: Aug 25, 2019 10:36:59 pm