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Saturday, March 25, 2023
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Nex Machina

By EMN Updated: Jun 05, 2017 11:35 pm

Liyo Kikon

Enemies! OMG! Enemies everywhere! and bullets! And Explosions! And lasers! And more enemies! This game will make you say those things and I absolutely guarantee that anyone who plays this game is going to either have a heart attack or fall in love with it. Nex Machina is an action paced top down twin stick arcade shooter game whose main role is to make sure that you stay on your toes the whole time you play and only breathe out once you finish a level. I love these kind of games and if you haven’t played anything like this before, you need to try it out at least once and you will surely get hooked.
The story is set in the future where humans have become so dependent on technology that they cannot avert their eyes from portable devices anymore and before they realised it, the machines have developed consciousness and have surpassed human intelligence tenfold and with this new formed intelligence, they have rebelled against the humans and started to form superior lifeforms and since humans have been treating them as servants all the time, they have decided to eradicate all human life. On realising this, our hero jumps into action and starts shooting up all the robots while saving as many humans as possible. Sure, the storyline is nothing new, but that’s not the focus here, because this game is all about the gameplay and boy! I have to say that Housemarque, the developers of this brilliant game got everything right to bring Nex Machina to life.
So, the game is simple, you move the character with one thumbstick and change direction with the other as you try to kill all the robots, while trying to dodge them and their bullets. This game is extremely fast paced and there is not a single second to spare even in easy mode since the number of robots which spawn are staggering, not to mention the weapons they use. Throughout the entire game, you will mostly be running around an area since it always makes you feel like you barely make it out every single time. You get a variety of weapons scattered all over the map and each of these weapons have their own bells and whistles, not to mention the glorious way they look when fired. In some areas, you will need to ‘dash’ through certain obstacles, like for example when an enemy laser is getting too close for comfort and there is no place to run, you can dash through it without getting hurt, it’s a kind of short distance teleport but you only get to use this ability 3 times before it has to recharge again so you need to calculate and make the jump carefully. In each area, there will be several humans which you need to save, they are highlighted by a green coloured beam of light and on saving these humans, you get extra points and since this game is mostly about getting the highest points possible, it makes sense to quickly save as many humans as possible before their time runs out.
In total, there are more than 100 levels spread across 5 different worlds and most of these levels have secret paths which can lead to special areas where you can get extra points along with other perks. And since this game has local multiplayer mode, you can team up with your friend as you try to shoot everything in sight together. There is also a competitive multiplayer mode where you will be able to compete with other players around the world and with great replay value, the one thing you will find most challenging will be climbing on top of the global leaderboard, or at least try to beat your own score every time. The graphics in this game is insane! Even if you are not playing the game, it is hard to look away when someone else is playing it since the whole look of the game is absolutely chaotic and it is great to see that even if there are so many things being blown up or moving around, they did not compromise on the graphic quality of this game. The music in this game fits so well with the whole look and feel of it that playing this game without the music will do injustice to the whole environment. It is an upbeat retro type of tune, which will keep your fingers twitching as you play this game.
Nex Machina is currently available in beta version, and if you can’t get a ticket to play it now, you can simply wait for June 20th when it will be officially released and there is no need to worry about purchasing it, since it will cost only around $20 ( ~Rs.1,288 ). It will be available on both PC and PS4

By EMN Updated: Jun 05, 2017 11:35:01 pm