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Neiphiu Rio points to reason why unemployment plagues Nagaland

By Our Reporter Updated: Oct 22, 2017 12:48 am

‘Even wealthy nations do not employ illegal immigrants’

Neiphiu Rio speaking at the golden jubilee of the Diphupar Naga Youth Organisation at the local ground of Diphupar.

Staff reporter
Dimapur, Oct.21 (EMN): It is not that the Naga people lack anything for which there is unemployment in Nagaland—it is just that they have no commitment to becoming somebody in life, Member of Lok Sabha Neiphiu Rio has said. During a students’ event in Dimapur recently, the former chief minister reminded that even progressive and rich countries do not engage the services of illegal immigrants.
The Diphupar Naga Youth Organisation (DNYO) continued its golden jubilee celebrations at the Diphupar local ground on Oct. 21 during which Rio was the chief guest.
In his address, the former chief minister of Nagaland broached the issue of unemployment. “It is not that we don’t have talent but there is no commitment and no decision to be somebody,” Rio said. He made it known that even the richest countries do not employ illegal immigrants which saves more jobs of employment for their society. In Nagaland, he explained, if illegal immigrants are being engaged in the society, the individual employing the immigrant is also ‘punished’ indirectly—the employer is without a job while his employee has one.
“Though many weaknesses are present in the society, we have much strength among our people and through discussion everything can be resolved,” he said. He assured to work with the youths as they were the future of the Naga people. He promised to support and be part of common noble ventures in future.
Rio took the example of the condition of a few Asian countries such as South Korea and Japan, and how they overcame destruction after the World War II and the Cold War. He encouraged the Naga people to take them as an example of how they came to be among top trading countries in the world within a short span of time.
“I feel if we can realise then we can bring in work culture we can make it to the top.” He appealed to the youth to be more involved and take any job that is available. We have to stop day dreaming, talking big things and doing nothing”. In good time, the Lok Sabha member said, he would like to interact with youth leaders and decide together without having to impose on them.
Referring to the theme of the jubilee ‘reflect, celebrate and inspire,’ Rio urged the gathering to look back at the past 50 years’ achievements and failures too amid celebrating achievements. He lauded the unity and strength of the DNYO for taking challenges and spearheading important events in Dimapur district. Also, he remembered Khriesavizo Metha and Bendangnungsang Longkumer, the two youths who were killed during agitations against the municipal polls in Dimapur on January 31st.
Rio dubbed Diphupar village a “mini Nagaland” because about 16 tribes and also people from mainland India live there giving the area a sense of township. This was possible only because of the guidance and advice of the elders, he said. “I feel proud on the focus, unity and diversity of the village to promote the Naga identity, traditions and cultures.”
Reflecting about the condition of Nagaland and its people, the MP referred to the rate of literacy of the state. The literacy rate has come to more than 80 % which means that the people are ‘educated.’ But he had a word of advice: “We have gained some knowledge but knowledge is half job done—we have to gain the wisdom of life” he said. He explained that before knowledge is imparted, one has to learn basic virtues. That, he said, was how many countries in the world teach their children discipline, manners and how to respect elders, how to love and how to care and to fear the law of the land at a very young age.
‘This will build in an individual, a habit, a character and it will take them throughout their life which in turn will build a vibrant society,’ Rio said. The former chief minister urged the youths to be mature and live a life of wisdom.
“If we learn to coexist with one another we will have a bright future but with the way things are going on we are many at times ashamed to call ourselves Naga when we go out of the state,” the MP said. He has suggested organising competitions too, because “life is about competition” and that it prepares the youth for the future.
Rio spoke also about matters concerning the Naga political issue. “We have seen sacrifice and it has not gone in vain,” he said. On a personal note, the MP said it was not proper to ‘condemn one another.’ Rather, one can celebrate whatever little. He referred also to the negotiations of the govt. of India with the NSCN- IM and now the six NPGs that have come to talk with the government. He said all this were positive signs and thus support was required to take the settlements available today.
The former CM informed the public that he would be meeting with the interlocutor who will be visiting Dimapur for a day to meet with the underground groups. He urged all to work and pray for it, ‘not just to hope in it’ but take ownership of their future.
Cultural performances were given by various tribal youth organisations from Diphupar.
Also, Lanutoshi Pongen, chairman of the Diphupar Village Council appreciated the DNYO and called it the “eldest son” of the family.

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