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Neiphiu Rio is new chairman of NERPC

By Reyivolü Rhakho Updated: Feb 03, 2021 11:26 pm
Neiphiu Rio along with James Sangma and Advisor for Power, Tovihoto Ayemi, during the handing and taking over of NERPC chairman in Kohima. (DIPR)

Our Correspondent
Kohima, Feb. 3 (EMN):
Nagaland Chief Minister Neiphiu Rio on Wednesday took charge as the new chairman of the North Eastern Regional Power Committee (NERPC) during the handing over and taking over session of the committee held at state banquet hall in Kohima.

Rio informed that he has formally taken over charge as NERPC’s Chairman from former Chairman James Sangma, minister for Power, Meghalaya.

He added that NERPC is the highest forum, which coordinates various issues relating to power sector of NE, including generation and transmission utilities.

Earlier, Shikato Sema, Chairman of Technical Coordination Committee (TCC) and engineer-in-chief of department of Power, Nagaland said that the tenure of chairmanship for both TCC and NERPC for Nagaland is from April 2020 to March 2021.

However, due to pandemic situation, formal handing over and taking over between the outgoing and incoming chairman could not take place so far, he informed.

TCC and NERPC held its 21st meeting in Kohima

The 21st TCC, NERPC meeting was held here in Kohima on Wednesday.

The seven constituent members of NERPC — Assam, Arunachal Pradesh, Manipur, Meghalaya, Mizoram, Nagaland, and Tripura — along with the members from the Centre discussed various matters relating to power and its utilities.

Shikato Sema, in his address, highlighted the commercial issues. “There is an alarming situation if we look at the figures of outstanding dues to NEEPCO, OTPC and NTPC”, he said and urged the constituent members to take some extra ordinary measures to clear up the dues as the financial health of those generating companies is crucial to the sustainability for the region as a whole.

“Since, almost all the states have completed the implementation of ADMS pilot project, the states need to take up the ADMS project implementation for the entire state as early as possible from PSDF funding”, he added.

He also updated that SAMAST project is already under implementation in some NE states and requested the left out states to initiate for early implementation. He added that the SAMAST implementation would help all the SLDC in building up its capability largely.

The engineer-in-chief also impressed on the need to take up forcefully with Government of India on the PSDF funding pattern with regards to ‘reliable communication’ project for 100% funding as a special case for North eastern states.

“To optimise the benefit to the fullest, the downstream connectivity considerations should be planned and considered accordingly during conceptualisation and project appraisal,” Sema said. He took an example of the downstream connectivity issue of 400/220kV kV sub-station at Zhadima and 1IKV downstream connectivity for NERPSIP, where the beneficiary states were not properly appraised of its responsibilities.

Some of the agenda relating to Nagaland state was discussed extensively during the meeting. One was the renovation and upgrade of 66kV sub-stations in Nagaland, under Transmission division of DoPN. The department highlighted the importance to upgrade control and protection system and replacement of different substation equipment in 66kV voltage class sub-stations in Nagaland with funding from PSDF with total proposal amounting to INR 13.09 cr.

The department also added that upgrade of 66kV sub-stations is essential as it covers the eastern Nagaland area and parts of Dimapur as well. Meanwhile, the NERPC replied that the matter would be looked into.

The proposal for implementation of ‘reliable communication’ in Nagaland with funding from PSDF was also placed for deliberation during the meeting. The scope of this project included installation of OPGW fiber-optic cables on the existing EHV transmission lines of 66kV and above network and Installation of Fiber Optic Terminal Equipment for communication based upon synchronous digital hierarchy or state of the art technology available at the time of finalisation of technical specifications to be installed in the substations and generating stations.

It also added that the installation of RTUs at 66kV substations where provision of telemetry does not exist presently. Provision of voice communication at interconnecting substations by means of EPABX, VoIP/ analog telephony, installation of DC power supply at all stations envisaged on FO network, and installation of underground OFC where XLPE has been laid, the department maintained.

The meeting also deliberated on data connectivity under NER-FO at various substations in Nagaland. Under NER-FO expansion project the stringing of OPGW for the following links have been completed, which include, 132kV Mokokchung(PG) – Mokokchung(NAG); 132kV Dimapur(PG) – Dimapur(NAG); and 132kV Wokha – Kohima along with commissioning of all terminal equipments, the department placed.

However, the stations are still reporting via GPRS. Therefore, integration and reporting over FO is the need of the hour. Further OPGW stringing for 132kV DHEP-Sanis is yet to be completed, the department added. Meanwhile NERPC replied that it would complete the project by May 2021.

By Reyivolü Rhakho Updated: Feb 03, 2021 11:26:05 pm