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NEC’s heads-upto Nagaland for delayed DPRS

By EMN Updated: Apr 23, 2014 12:37 am


THE North Eastern Council (NEC) has chided some north eastern states, including Nagaland, for submitting priority projects late by “experience”. Likewise, the number of projects the state submits is far “in excess” and beyond budgets, the council has stated. Just to be certain this time, the council has created a list of guidelines for the states to follow when preparing their developmental projects, and procedures they ought to follow when submitting them. The council has written to the state governments to submit their priority lists for 2014-2015 early.
“It has been the experience in the NEC that the Annual Priority List of projects for NEC are received late from some states. Further, the number of projects proposed by some states are numerous and far in excess of the entire annual budget of NEC,” Secretary to NEC Ameising Luikham stated in a letter addressed to the states. A copy of the official letter was made available here April 7.
Earlier in January, the Urban Development department was rushing to complete a project report. In 2013, the ministry’s Standing Committee on Urban Development gave its statement on the Demand-On-Grants for 2013-2014. The committee noted that some projects in Nagaland, could not be completed due to their failing to complete DPR preparation on schedule.
The problem does not end with the late submissions or excess projects, as the letter amply pointed out. “Furthermore, some of the proposed projects are not accompanied by concept papers which is essential for consideration by the state government for inclusion in the annual priority list compiled and fully shortlisted by the state Planning department,” the NEC secretary stated.
Considering the whole gamut of problems associated with receiving project proposals from the states, the North Eastern Council has created a list of guidelines for the regional governments to follow. “NEC has worked out ‘Guidelines for Preparation of Annual Priority List of projects for NEC Funding’,” the council said.
The guidelines are to offer the states advice and ‘proper’ parameters when preparing projects and, subsequently, submitting them to the implementing agency.
The guidelines include elaboration on the procedures and parameters for infrastructure and thrust areas, sectors and schemes under the NEC, project cost and funding patterns, preparation of priority list projects, detailed project reports, and components not funded by the council.
“The Planning department should ensure that the proposed project originates from the concerned line of department which will be implementing the project. Priority list once submitted shall, normally, not be changed or modified,” the NEC stated as an instance.

By EMN Updated: Apr 23, 2014 12:37:14 am