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NEC secty positive to demands for economic road in Mokokchung

By EMN Updated: Feb 14, 2015 11:17 pm

Dimapur, February 14

If planning goes the way a local business organization in Mokokchung, and the North east Council – the development arm of the Development of the North east region ministry – envisages, Mokokchung district could well be on way to having an important economic road, as well as a recreational center.
The secretary of the North east Council (NEC) Ameishing Luikham was in Mokokchung where he is understood to have given positive feedback to the request of local business leaders seeking an economic road for the district besides a number of other developmental pitches. A delegation of the Mokokchung Chamber of Commerce and Industry (MCCI) on Saturday met the Secretary of the NEC Ameishing Luikham, IAS, in the at the commissioner’s rest house in Mokokchung on February 14. The delegation was led by president of the business organization Moasangba Jamir.
The high-ranking official of the North East Council was halting in Mokokchung to inspect various NEC-sponsored projects in this region of Nagaland.
It was informed that the meeting was conducted in a ‘warm and cordial manner’ during which the both parties shared ‘several ideas’ pertinent to the development of Mokokchung district and the northern parts of Nagaland.
The MCCI’s delegation placed a strong proposal to the NEC’s secretary to construct what the organization called a ‘ring road’ around Mokokchung town. The ring road, a circular road, was a project that the MCCI had long been ‘visualizing.’ The MCCI believes that the project could possibly become the “launch pad” for Mokokchung’s unprecedented economic development if realized.
The secretary appreciated the ambitious proposal and disclosed that there was a possibility of the “dream of the Mokokchung ring road coming true through funding from NEC.” Ameishing Luikham advised the MCCI to collaborate with the deputy commissioner of Mokokchung in pursuing the proposal.
When queried by the MCCI if it was also viable for funding the construction of a ‘mega park’ in Mokokchung for recreational activities, the NEC secretary is said to have replied in the affirmative. The delegation was advised that there was a ‘possibility for funding the construction of an amusement park with a parking capacity for at least 200 vehicles at a time spread over at least 5-7 acres of land located in an area easily accessible from the main road.”
However, Ameishing Luikham said that a willing party should come forward to donate the land should such a project take off.
When MCCI highlighted to the NEC’s secretary about the constraints faced by the people of Mokokchung district and the region, especially during ‘bandhs’ imposed by Assam-based organizations, he suggested that a proposal for an “inter-state truck terminus” can be applied for. If such a development initiative realized, it would ensure uninterrupted supply of goods, the NEC secretary is said to have told the MCCI delegation.
In the meeting the MCCI delegation raised the question of the deplorable conditions of the Mokokchung-Mariani road, which also happens to be the state’s second busiest highway. The secretary of the North East Council is said to have clarified that the road was recently transferred to the National Highways Authority.

By EMN Updated: Feb 14, 2015 11:17:17 pm