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Monday, April 22, 2024

NEAN stages rally at Dimapur District Hospital

By Livine Khrozhoh Updated: Dec 11, 2023 9:52 pm
Dimapur District Hospital
Members of NEAN staging a rally at Dimapur District Hospital on Monday.

DIMAPUR — In a show of solidarity with the nationwide agitation of the National Health Mission (NHM) employees, which was held at Jantar Mantar, New Delhi, on Monday, the Dimapur unit of NHM employees also organised a simultaneous rally at Dimapur District Hospital (DHD).

Thungjamo Ngullie, president of National Health Mission Employees Association Nagaland (NEAN), told media persons that the rally was organised by the  All India NHM and Health Federation, in collaboration with Bharatiya Mazdoor Sangh (BMS), the All India Labour Organisation.

Ngullie said that all the NHM employees across the state are also staging rallies in their respective districts, to extend solidarity to the demands of the NHM employees.

He also informed that some executive members of NEAN, along with advisors, went to Delhi to attend the rally.

During the rally, the NHM employees submitted their charter of demands to the Prime Minister and the NHM director.

In Nagaland, the NEAN handed over the charter of demands to the Health and Family Welfare (H&FW) minister, principal director of H&FW and the state chief secretary.

Demands of NHM employees

* Declare all Health department’s 108 /102 services and NHM employees as govt. employees.

* Ensure job security for medical professionals and health workers up to 65 years, and equal pay for equal jobs for all.

* Ensure direct payment of salary to all outsourced employees through the government.

* Ensure social security benefits to all.

* Establish an ‘employee welfare commission/board’ for these employees.

* Other demands, as per the ‘Charter of demands’ of Mahasangh.

Ngullie said the slogan of the rally is ‘One nation, one health and one HR policy.’

Informing that some states have already implemented the HR policy, he said Nagaland is still yet to implement the policy, though discussions with the concerned minister and department have been going on for many years.

He updated that, at present, there are about 240 NHM employees in Dimapur district, while citing that most of the NHM staff leave their jobs once they get better opportunities.

He further disclosed that, if their demands are not met, then the next course of action is likely a sitting dharna.

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By Livine Khrozhoh Updated: Dec 11, 2023 9:52:13 pm
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