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NDWM-Child Rights Movement holds ‘Day of Hope’

By EMN Updated: Feb 22, 2015 11:38 pm

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Dimapur, February 22

Hundreds of children from various orphanage homes, on Saturday afternoon, gathered at Assisi Hall to celebrate ‘Day of Hope’ which was organized by the National Domestic Worker’s Movement (NDWM)-Child Right Movement.
“Today is our day. A day of hope where we feel that we are precious, we are special” read out Ivitoli while delivering a message on behalf of the children. Stating that it was a privilege to speak on behalf of those children whose voice is unheard, whose footprints are not seen and who have not seen the ray of hope in their lives, Ivitoli reminded the gloomy truth that many children are being victimized by situations, cultures and denied their rights. “There are thousands of children who are abused, beaten, tortured, threatened, punished for no reason, deprived of their basic needs like clothing, food, home and education”, she added.
Highlighting the activities of the child participation groups, she said that 11 children groups were formed in different colonies with the aim of identifying children and providing a platform to put their talents and potentials. However, as children, we cannot do much to help underprivileged friends, she said and called upon the government and all the officers of various departments and education authorities to help the children to fulfill their dreams. Ivitoli, on behalf of the children and children’s club, called upon all to free those children who are still working as child labour. She also hoped that this Day of hope will be a day to change and fulfill basic needs of all the children in Nagaland with proper education.
Gracing the occasion, Pikato E Muru, District Child Protection Officer, Dimapur reminded the gathering that they are ‘extraordinary’ people and that hope is for extraordinary people like them. He said that children that they are not alone.
Rev. Milly Fernandes, Provincial Supervisor, North East Province also addressing the gathering as the guest of honour said, “We are living in an era that is divided by wars, communal tensions, pollutions, political unrest, terrorism, violence, massive poverty, materialism, individualism and religious pluralism.
Child labour, illiteracy, caste and gender discrimination, dwindling of moral values, mass media exploitation, exploitation of women and children, excessive quest of power, corruption at all levels, and many other social evils are on the increase. The most vulnerable victims of all kinds of social evils are the children who are innocent and ignorant.”
She also said that childhood in India is not only painful but is dealt with utter insensitivity. There is no one for implementation of laws catering to the needs of poor children and no one is willing to take this responsibility except for some NGOs, she lamented. There are a number of unaccountable atrocities inflicted on the young ones whose innocence is lost somewhere in this world full of corruption and cruelty and we tend to forget our duties towards society and its betterment, she added.
We are indifferent to the children who are deprived of their rights and freedom, who are abused and ignored, said Rev. Milly Fernandes and further questioned “are we complacent and closed amidst the little world that we have created around us?” Any investment made on children is not a waste as it will bring in great returns for the society, she added.
She also lauded the organizers for their very noble and genuine attempt to stand for the right and freedom of children, to be a voice of the voiceless, the children who are deprived of their rights at different levels of varied kinds.
It may be mentioned here that ‘Day of Hope’ is organized by NDWM-Child Rights Movement as part of its campaigns and programmes on Child Rights under the theme “Give me a chance, I am precious”.

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