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‘NDPP will continue to raise issues of public interest’

By Our Correspondent Updated: Nov 07, 2017 12:08 am

Our Correspondent
Kohima, Nov. 6 (EMN): Reacting to the Nationalist Democratic Progressive Party having recently slating the present NPF-led DAN government as the ‘worst government in the history of Nagaland’ and the subsequent retort by the chief minister’s office which appeared in some sections of the local media, NDPP working president Alemtemshi Jamir today said the party has raised issues in a general level and will continue to do so in the interest of the people.
“These are things which were bound to happen and we should all take it in our stride. As far as we (NDPP) are concerned, we are not interested in taking up personal issues,” Jamir asserted while addressing a consultative meet of the party in Kohima which was held right after the inauguration of the NDPP Kohima region office at IOC Point, Mohonkhola in the capital town.
Dwelling on the formation of the NDPP in the midst of many existing political parties, he explained that in Nagaland today, there are national parties but they do not answer the requirements of the people while the regional parties are fighting among themselves. Therefore, he said, the NDPP came into being in view that a clear political party with a definite ideology was needed to meet the aspirations and the needs of the people and bring Nagaland into a certain direction with a meaning. Towards this, he said it was not the wish of the party leaders but the wish of the people, on which the NDPP was formed, firmly entrenched in the aspirations of the people.
Jamir also brushed away talks that the party was taking a long time to come into shape, saying that NDPP had been fortunate to get registered with the Election Commission of India (ECI) in five month’s time when some political parties wait to the extent of two years to get registered. He informed that the party symbol was yet to be finalised with the commission but it was hopeful that this will also be settled soon. He also stressed that the NDPP and its leaders were committed to maintain morals and ethics and a clear perception to begin their political journey based on oath and to carry out their commitment on the principles of Christian belief, with the party constitution’s preamble beginning with ‘Placing our trust and aspirations upon Almighty God’.
On the objectives of the party, Jamir maintained that every Naga has a dream for Nagaland but that there was something wrong in the state. The main reasons being lack of proper direction from the leadership particularly to the youth, the widening gap between the rich and the poor, lack of answers to development issues, among others.
“To achieve the Nagaland of our dreams, we should have a vision set on actionable plans. That is the basic essence in which we, as a party shall be progressing together,” he said.
Stating that NDPP aspires for a ‘good Nagaland’ in terms of good roads, good government schools, good government hospitals etc. as these are the basic needs of the people, he observed that the state was lacking in these areas because ‘something has gone wrong somewhere’ and the systems were not functioning.
Jamir, who had been in the government until he retired after holding the reins to the state’s top bureaucratic post, pointed out that bureaucrats have limitations even when they aspire to do many things to bring about positive changes in the system. He said he decided to enter politics seeking for a ‘second chance to correct the things which have gone wrong’. He maintained that work ethics and work culture need to be revamped, only then, good things will come by.
Asserting that NDPP was a serious party, he said they were committed to change the existing ailing systems in governance in the hope to give the younger generation a chance to be equals with other societies in the world.
He also informed that the party will be drafting its manifesto soon, for which, consultative meetings were being held to gather ideas and views of party members, and further called upon all to contribute towards it.

NDPP not a product of political misadventure
Addressing party functionaries of six constituencies under Kohima region on Nov. 6 during a consultation meet at the regional office, Nationalist Democratic Progressive Party (NDPP) secretary general Abu Metha categorically stated that the party was formed after consultations and deliberations with cross-sections of the society representing all walks of life.
He said the pulse of the people was that, Nagaland needed an alternative to move ahead as the existing systems have failed.
“The intention of the NDPP is to do good. We have nothing to hide and we have no hidden agenda,” Metha said. What we see in Nagaland today does not need elaboration, he asserted, pointing out that simple requirements of the people were not being delivered by the government.
“We all know that it does not require rocket science to bring development and good governance. We need good leaders who have integrity, honesty and who are committed to the people,” Metha stated.
“In the midst of political confusion, in the midst of lack of direction, in the middle of a situation where there is no hope, we have decided to provide an alternative for hope and clarity of vision,” he said while talking about the decision to form the party.
He admitted that it will be a tough journey to take forward the aspirations of the people, reflect their voices and do good and that the party will definitely face criticisms, but he assured that the party was prepared to face the challenges in the greater interest of the people.
Stating that the doors of the NDPP were open to all sections of the people, he called upon all who were committed to and were willing to work for Nagaland and the future generations to step forward and partner with the party, to be stakeholders in a party that does not follow a culture of high-command.
“Leaders seem to be disconnected with the masses. They don’t reflect the feelings and the pulse of the general citizens. We have to change that,” Metha stated. He said the NDPP advocates creating a society that thrives on meritocracy.
He also made a clarion call to the youth to step forward and become stakeholders, contributors and participants of the NDPP, which, he maintained, should not only be a political party but also a people’s movement. Only then it will achieve success, he added.
“Let us not be confused or distracted by what is happening with others. Let us make our own roadmap and let us try to bring change in Nagaland,” Metha said.
He also stated that the NDPP’s approach to development and its working system was different from others, as it was a party which is regional in spirit, national in outlook and aspires to act in accordance with global issues and concerns.
Towards this end, he said the party has set up committees on various spheres of life ranging from environment issues to inter-tribe relations, students, agriculture, youth empowerment, promotion of culture, economics and commerce and so on. He told party workers to also identify educated people, specialists and professionals to come forward and be part of these committees, contribute towards policy making and towards good governance.


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