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NDPP Dimapur-II office inaugurated

By Mirror Desk Updated: Sep 28, 2019 11:40 pm

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Dimapur Sep. 28: A dedication programme for the Nationalist Democratic Progressive Party’s (NDPP) office at Dimapur-II assemble unit at the Naga Shopping Arcade in Dimapur was conducted on Sep. 28 in Dimapur.

Speaking during the occasion, a candidate of the NDPP, Sopu Jamir said that being a lawyer, social activist and now a politician, sometimes he feels uncomfortable, but there was no turning back now for him.

Jamir said he represents the people for which he was standing as a candidate of the NDPP from Dimapur II.

He talked about issues in the urban areas. He observed that within 35 to 40 years ‘Dimapur will not move’ as a metropolitan city because of the vehicle population which will be at maximum.

Jamir lamented that every year ‘we the Nagas are losing few years in traffic and one solution is to construct a flyover.’ He spoke about the Aam Aadmi Party (AAP), which he said within a span of four and half years in government they could build 23 flyovers, but ‘after 56 years of statehood how many we have built.’

The NDPP is a young party, he said and appeal to the party’s leaders to invest their time and energy so that after some years it will bear fruit.

Further, Jamir said he was from the ‘social background’ and a lawyer. So for him while the party is important, even more important is the people, the gathering was told.

Jamir also gave a personal opinion that the state government should strictly enforce the Nagaland Money Lender Act 2005.

He also called for credit where it is due. ‘Let us also respect the good work done by NDPP, or NPF or Congress, as it good for Nagaland. Let us not be too tiny.’

Jamir advised leaders to be honest and said he was defeated as a candidate in the elections but said the desire to serve the Naga people cannot be defeated.

Leaders from the party’s unit delivered speeches at the programme.

By Mirror Desk Updated: Sep 28, 2019 11:40:04 pm
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