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NCRC Sumi youth annual conference held at Aotsakili

By EMN Updated: Jan 13, 2014 11:28 pm


Hundreds of youths from around 60 churches attended the 29th Nagaland Christian Revival Church Sumi (NCRC) youth annual conference that was held on January 10-12 at NCRC Aotsakili under Zunheboto district on the theme ‘For no other God can save in this way’ (Daniel 3:29). The main speakers of the conference were Rev Ahoshe Chophy, senior pastor, Dimapur NCRC Sumi, Dr Akaho Awomi, MBBS, MD, Livi Sheqi, and Vibo A Sumi, youth secretary, NCRC Sumi
In the inaugural service Hekhevi, Secy NCRC exhorted young people to fear God and choose between wise and ignorant life.
He lamented on the gun culture of the Nagas today and appealed to young people to change the trend and replace with love and friendship. “With guns in our hand the young have failed to respect old and vice versa. Many are orphaned or widowed” he rued.
Delivering the inaugural sermon Dr. Akaho Awomi, MBBS talked of how God awards knowledge, wisdom, and peace to those who do His will. Advising young people to lead a responsible he said, “Everything is under God’s control. Strive to become conscientious young people, He sure will bless you”.
Taking a cue from the life of Daniel in the Old Testament, he counseled young people to build God as their foundation.
“Then God will bless you with wealth, wisdom, peace, fame, long life, and everything you wish for” Dr. Akaho said. The second day of the conference commenced with seminar on “Economic self reliance” with Nitoshe Sheqi, Proprietor “Akhiji” as resource person.
“We should not always depend or look for Government jobs because it is not for everyone. But we need to be venture out and look for lucrative business to support ourselves and make our living. In this, we firstly need to seek God’s wisdom and guidance” he said.
Atoizu MLA & chairman, Nagaland Hotel Management, Er. Picto Shohe exhorted the gathering in the first session of the final day of conference and donated cash to NCRC Sumi Youth Department and host church.
In the afternoon session Kavito Jakhalu, 1st Class Contractor greeted the gathering of young people.
The concluding service that started at 5 PM ended around midnight. Rev. Ahoshe Chophy, Senior Pastor, Dimapur NCRC Sumi delivered God’s Word basing on Ephesians 1:13. This was followed by Extravaganza Night where Padumpukhri NCRC Sumi Youth preformed the finale item.
The three day conference saw NCRC Sumi youth competing in song competition and handicraft competition. In song competition, Ighanumi Youth, Kohima Youth, and Aotsakili youth bagged the first, second and third prize respectively. While in Handicraft Competition Mishikito NCRC Sumi youth emerged as winner.
The next edition of NCRC Sumi Youth Conference will be held at Mishilimi NCRC Sumi in 2016 as Biennial Session.
Altogether 700 to 800 youths from 40 churches under NCRC Sumi attended the conference.

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