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NCD expels DMPF leader from Nagaland

By EMN Updated: Aug 17, 2014 1:30 am

Dimapur, August 16

The Naga Council Dimapur has expelled vice president of Dimapur Muslim Public Forum (DMPF) Salekh, son of Abdul Motin, of Dimapur from Nagaland for an indefinite period with immediate effect.
Informing this, Naga Council president T. Bangerloba Ao and vice president Chingden Konyak, in a release today, said as per the complaint brought before the Council Bench of Naga Council Dimapur by Shena Old Union Dimapur Area (SOUDA) and Renponi Kithan, the council took up the issue of death threat to Jonah Achumi and character assassination/verbal assault upon Renponi Kithan by Salekh in social media. After thorough deliberation, the Naga Council Bench on August 16 passed the verdict basing on the actual sequence of events as it happened on July 18, 2014, Facebook and also taking into consideration the considerable number of crimes being committed against Nagas by suspected illegal immigrants in the State. The Council Bench found credible death threat against Jonah Achumi in particular and Nagas in general in the usage of the sentence “We are the vocal minority of the silent majority. We are anonymous. Expect us” posted by Salekh. It was also found that Salekh character assassinated Renponi Kithan using derogatory words such as “Bitch” “Asswipe” and “Doorknob” which showed his disrespect for women in general, the release said.
Stating that Salekh posted dangerous and threatening words from the relative comfort of his village in Karimganj district in Assam under the anonymity of fake Facebook profile, the Naga Council said his action could have flared up communal tension having adverse effects but for the sagacity of SOUDA to settle the issue in the office of the Naga Council. “The case is henceforth settled and no individual/organisation may bring up the same issue in any forum,” it stated.
Abdul Motin, father of Salekh, also gave an undertaking that henceforth, any eventuality or loss of life upon Jonah Achumi, Renponi Kithan and family members in relation to the case shall be the sole responsibility of Motin with Dimapur Muslim Public Forum (DMPF) as guarantor, the Naga Council said.
The Naga Council has appealed to everyone, especially youngsters, to be careful while posting comments in social media. Apart from inciting tribalism and communalism, anyone can be booked under IT Act which is stringent, it warned.

By EMN Updated: Aug 17, 2014 1:30:13 am