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Wednesday, May 29, 2024

NBCC declines BJP’s offer to clean church compounds

By EMN Updated: Apr 30, 2024 11:50 pm

DIMAPUR — The Nagaland Baptist Church Council (NBCC) has declined a proposal from the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) to organise a cleanliness drive within church compounds on May 11.

While acknowledging the gesture, the council suggested that BJP “pursue another avenue of service.”

In a statement on Tuesday, the NBCC highlighted the “unprecedented persecution” of religious and social minorities under the BJP rule. It alleged that “Christian worship and our pastors and priests are beaten, tortured and imprisoned,” creating a sense of insecurity in the country.

“Even our Christian symbols were the target not to speak of the demolition of our sacred worship places. Our gatherings are closely watched and monitored leaving religious institutions in the country extremely vulnerable,” it said

Considering that “these things are happening right under the nose of the authority”, the NBCC declined the political party’s offer and instead, suggested that the BJP leadership, “mobilise party members to travel to locations to safeguard persecuted churches in the mainland.”

“This act will undoubtedly give reassurance to people whose churches and institutions are constantly targeted. Their presence will undoubtedly convey the message that we are here to protect and encourage one another,” it added.

Further, the NBCC advised all the political parties in the state, particularly the BJP, to ‘exercise caution when issuing directions.”

“Knowing what to say and do, as well as what is acceptable, can help to close the gap that has been growing in our state. Stay as a political party, and leave the church to run whatever they see fit within their compounds,” it said.

The NBCC went on to clarify that, the church is not accustomed to observing death anniversaries of political leaders and other political events, “except the birth, death and resurrection of our Lord Jesus Christ.” The rationale behind this is because, to do so would be to subscribe to the teaching and ideology of the person, it explained.

“It would do much good to the community if political parties do not dictate the residents what to observe or when to do things. Political party agenda does not include these issues. Knowing the difference is wisdom,” it added.

Further, it reminded that the church has its own environment Sunday and also a day set aside for plantation.

The NBCC advised all churches to be vigilant when a political party becomes religious in nature, stating that “the authority on which power is generated between the church and the state are different.”

“This is not a political statement but the church is just drawing the line of separation,” it added.

By EMN Updated: Apr 30, 2024 11:50:39 pm
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