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Natural beauty is best

By EMN Updated: Aug 06, 2013 10:45 pm

According to Beijing-based official media, a growing number of Chinese youth are undergoing plastic surgery during their summer vacations. They have been motivated by the belief that improved looks can give an edge in education and jobs. The number of people visiting plastic surgery clinics at the Zhongla Hospital in Southeast University has increased dramatically in recent weeks. The hospital’s plastic surgery received about 200 surgery applicants in the week ending July 31. About 70 per cent of them were students, according to statistics from the hospital.A facelift costs about 2,000 Yuan which is equivalent to 326 U.S. Dollars (or Rs 18,952). Plastic surgery includes/covers eyelid surgery, nose jobs and liposuction and micro-plastics are the most popular with the students are most. China which is one of the ancient civilizations and probably the finest seems to crack in the face of overwhelming impact of increasing Western influence. From this it follows that wide and round eyes, white skin and high nose bridges are being seen as ideal.
According to a consultant at the Qizhi Plastic Surgery Hospital in Nanjing, capital of China’s Jiangsu Province, more students are seeking are seeking out plastic surgery as they believe that changing their looks can boost their self-confidence and bring them more opportunities in life. In this context hats off to the Western white Caucasian for influencing not only the education, modern laws, Christian spirituality and code of laws some of which have been derived from the ancient Greek philosophy and later, the Roman system of law and administration.
One would normally have thought that the oriental beauty is a wonderful gift of its kind and surely, a majority of the Occidental people find it much more attractive. So why this trend among the young Chinese to ape Western styles? Not only the Chinese, but in our very own Naga society, the young who have been fortunate to live in comparatively peaceful times considering that the past few generations had suffered much on account of the sovereignty struggle, have gone overdrive what with henna-ed hair skin-tight jeans leaving nothing to the imagination et al.
True it is, one can change one’s name and village, even country and if you can afford, also go for skin change from black to white like Michael Jackson but the mute and no less important question is: “Can you change the blood of your ancestors that flow in your veins?” For, no matter wherever you may go, or whatever you may profess, the fact remains that even God will not change your ancestry.
That is why majority of the people the world over believe in the uniqueness of their very own countries. From this precept, it follows that although you may use your father’s title, the land you are born in is called your motherland because it has given birth to you. That is why Indians call their country “Bharat Mata” or Mother India just as the British say Mother England or even Russians similarly say “Rodina.”
It was the Germans who tried to propagate the concept of “Fatherland’ and for which they ignited two World Wars but were defeated by majority of people who believed in their Motherland.
Therefore, perhaps it is best to stay true to what one is endowed with instead of going for artificial beautification. After all beauty is but skin deep, and love the beauty of the soul.

By EMN Updated: Aug 06, 2013 10:45:27 pm