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Wednesday, March 29, 2023
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Native Trax Society announces nominees for 13th Music Awards of Nagaland 2021

By EMN Updated: Sep 20, 2021 9:22 pm
Native Trax Society
Native Trax Society

Dimapur, Sep. 20 (EMN): The Nagaland music industry continues to thrive and remain vibrant in spite of all odds and this is borne out by the fact that the number of entries received for the Music Awards of Nagaland (MAN) continues to grow year after year.

An update from Native Trax Society issued on Sep. 20 informed that MAN is a celebration of the talent and creativity of musicians and the music community of Nagaland.

“Even in the midst of this pandemic they continue to inspire, motivate, give us solace and entertain us for which it is only right that we should appreciate and honour their efforts even more,” the update read.

After thorough screening, 57 entries have been nominated in various genres of the 13th edition of MAN.

Like every year, awards will be presented to the best song in each category as decided by the judging panel. Also, awards will also be given away in technical categories such as Best Music Video, Best Video Director, Best Sound Engineer, Best Producer and Best Songwriter.

The nominated songs will be uploaded to the Music Awards of Nagaland Youtube channel where they can be viewed and the nomination with the most number of views will win the award for Song of the Year award.


Following are the nominees for this year’s MAN


Ayo Konyak – Don’t want you back (Lkr Music Records)

JV Keli-o & Rylo – Aisle (VI-LO Studio)

JV Keli-o & TS Geneses – Maya (NestVibe)

Valentina, GFRY, Phantom – Everything is gonna be okay (Home Studio)

Folk Fusion

Chubatsür Jamir – Tsüngremmong tsüngsangtepro (Resonate Studio, Mkg)

Colored Keys – Beyond boundaries (Tribes Entertainment Pvt. Ltd.)

Keduovituo Peseyie – A kecha kemengu (Infinite records)

Temsumongba Ozukum – Lijaba (Tribes Entertainment Pvt. Ltd.)


Aszo Naga – My first love (JRC Studio)

Chubatemsu Kichu – Risen for me (Sound Art Studio)    

Imlong N – Everlasting God (Sound Space Studio, Maharashtra)

Lima Nungsang – Faithful (Alive Jam Studio)

Manhei N Konyak – Life is precious (JHC Records)

Shane Kangzang – Chord of glory (Tribes Entertainment Pvt. Ltd)

Yanger Imchen – Never give up (Jam Studio 11)

ZT Slingshot – Believe (Home Studio)

Gospel (Hindi & Local Dialects)

Aren Jamir –       Yeshu    (Mar Ao Production)

Imtisang – Oja (Jam Studio 11)

Molungnen Longkumer – Tamang akangshiang  (Home Studio)

Nüthivolü Ringa – A kücho (CBCMHK)

Hiphop/ Rap

Anonymous Jamir Ft. Alo Zhimo – Emotions (Imliakum Studio)

Gabriel Changlim –          Zilch (Gabriel Changlim Studio)

Kid Jingx – Now (NestVibe)

Nentong Konyak – KOJ (King of jungle)  (Alive Jam Studio)

ZT Slingshot – Snippet (Clef Ensemble)

ZT Slingshot – Top (Home Studio)

Z world X Niloka Wotsa – Bad times (Home Studio)

Z World Ft. Jpollnd – Die a legend (Mar Ao Production)

Toshi Yimkhiung – On my mind (KL Pamei Studio)

Pop (Solo)

Benry Moses – Awake (Cosma Studio)

Dieze Sothu – Pave a way            (Jam Studio 11)

Kevi Zumvü – Wish you all my love (JHC Records)

KL Pamei – Zianmei (Element Indie Records)

Meyisanen Lemtur – Break of dawn (Sound Art Studio)

Sunep A Jamir – Guilty (Home Studio)

Temsu Clover – Dumplings for the sad (Home Studio)

The Kid Bovix – Fake Love (Rising studio)

Yemkong Somba – Found love (Tales N Mix)

Pop (Duo or Group)

Kevi Zumvü Ft, Sarah Yepthomi – XOXO (JHC Records)

Meyisanen Lemtur Ft. Jpollnd & Temsu Clover – Years gone by (KL Pamei)

Novan, Juztino, Kevi Zumvü – One and only (Naga Beatz)

Trance Effect – I’m on your side (Ode Studio)

Pop (Hindi & Local Dialects)

Akham Wanglei – Sundhur Suwali (Alive Jam Studio)

Alem Alia Jr Ft. Nungshitemsu Aichanger – Meyipang Yimjung na (Tribes Entertainment)

Kumzuk T Jamir – Teimla (Lkr Music Records)

Lange Ahnglam Konyak – Friendship day (Alive Jam Studio)

Zekuosa & Vitouzo – Tsali (Aseu Chadi Home Studio)

Rock (Alternative/ Indie)

About us – Loaded love (Infinite records)

Bozio Nienu – Lighthouse (Li Tsale Records)

Dieze Sothu – Greatest myself (Jam Studio 11)

KL Pamei Ft. Kute-ü Khutso – Falling (KL Pamei)

Orange – This is not a love song (Lkr Records)

Tito K Yeptho – Beyond the sky (Jam Studio 11)

Rock (Metal/ Heavy)

About us – Gimme gimme (Infinite records)

Angh Ft. Wannyen Bezo – A whole (Music Bakery)

MW Assemble Band – Freedom

Trivet – Time is near (Home Studio)

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