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National workers and others condole Khaplang’s demise

By EMN Updated: Jun 10, 2017 10:29 pm

NSCN (IM): The National Socialist Council of Nagalim (NSCN) (IM) has extended its deep condolence to the bereaved family members of late SS Khaplang who breathed his last on June 9.
“Based on the declaration made by the former chairman late Isak Chishi Swu on forgiveness and reconciliation, we have forgiven SS. Khaplang of all the political mistakes and crimes he had committed, however grave they might be, in the precious name of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ” stated the general secretary of NSCN (IM ), TH Muivah.
The NSCN (IM) invoked blessings from the Almighty to give comfort and sustenance to the saddened and pained hearts of the bereaved family and grant eternal rest to the departed soul of the leader.
NNC/FGN: The Naga National Council and Federal Government of Nagaland (NNC/FGN) in a condolence message stated that late SS Kaplan was a truly God’s special gift to the people, who had not only run the race well but inspired many to run and keep running.
“God has called you home to be with him before you could see the end purpose of our common struggle and that this reality pains us greatly,” NNC/FGN added. It also pray for comfort and solace to dear ones.
Y. Wangtin: President of NSCN/GPRN (R), Y. Wangtin Naga has expressed shock at the demise of late SS Khaplang, chairman of NSCN-K. In a condolence message, he described him as a great leader and big star among many stars. He recalled his first meeting with late Khaplang nineteen years ago in October 1998 when he was invited to NSCN-K Council Headquarter at Chumnyu and spent more than a month with him. It was late Khaplang who convinced me to join Naga National Movement and what I am today is what he had made, he added.
Late Khaplang loves the Nagas more than his own body which he has proved during his long union with him, he said.
Wangtin lamented that the demise was a great loses for all Nagas and shared distress and grief with the beaeve family and further pray for the departed soul to rest in peace.
Naga Hoho: The Naga Hoho is shocked over the sudden demise of SS Khaplang, chairman of NSCN (K) at Taka, Myanmar on Jun 9.
Naga Hoho saluted and bade goodbye to one of the legendary figures in the making of the Naga history.
The life of SS Khaplang was marked by trials and tribulations wherein he stood tall building the Naga nation. He was a man who dedicated his entire life for the cause of Nagas till his last breath. He safeguarded the Naga nation against massive adversaries and thereby his life and leadership transpired inspiration and conviction to uphold the Naga nation, stated Naga Hoho.
While lamenting a void created by his demise, Naga Hoho said it has also instilled hope that Naga people will continue to grow.
In his death, the Hoho said Nagas have not only lost a veteran Naga nationalist but a forthright statesman which is irreplaceable.
“This is a time for the Naga people to ponder seriously and take up the great challenges of leading Naga people to greater glories with renewed vision towards bringing unity and reconciliation among the Nagas” the Hoho added.
Further Naga Hoho extended its deepest condolences to Mrs Khaplang, children and the bereaved family members and prays for the departed soul to rest in peace.
K. Therie: President of NPCC, K. Therie has expressed sadness over the demikse of late SS Khaplang, president of NSCN/GPRN.
Therie said late Khaplang dedicated his entire life to steer Nagas towards the destiny of the noble goal and remained steadfast in the endeavour without wavering all his life. Whatever we have today, we owe our forerunners all including Late S.S. Khaplang, he added.
His passing away at this crucial juncture of our history has created a huge vacuum which cannot be filled particularly as he had expressed willingness for dialogue, at the time when all sections of society are yearning for peace, he stated.
Lamenting over his demise before achieving the noble goal, Therie expressed that his contribution to the noble cause will be remembered in the annals of Naga history and his legacy inherited for generations to come.
In his passing away, the irreparable loss is not only to his wife, children and family members but also to Nagaland which has lost a tested, seasoned and spirited leader, Therie stated.
All rank and file of the NPCC conveyed deepest condolences to Mrs. Khaplang and children and pray that the Almighty God comfort and console them at this hour of grief, and the departed soul to rest in peace.
TR Zeliang: Chairman DAN & advisor Finance, TR Zeliang expressed shock and sadness at the demise of late SS Khaplang, chairman of NSCN-K who passed away on Friday evening at the HQ of the NSCN-K in Taka, Myanmar.
“During my tenure as the Chief Minister of Nagaland, I had made several efforts to reach out, to request him to come back into a Ceasefire Agreement with the GOI. I had personally gone to Myanmar for consultative meetings with the Naga leaders where I had requested Naga apex organisations to meet late Khaplang and made a request to have a Ceasefire Agreement with the Government of Myanmar and to opt for a peaceful dialogue to resolve the Naga political issue amicably for the Nagas living in Myanmar, stated Zeliang
“I was deeply touched and impressed when he sent back words of appreciation on sending the Naga Hoho, ENPO, NMA and Church leaders on their second trip to Myanmar with the same mission for Peace” he added.
Zeliang regretted that it is most unfortunate that we lost a bold Naga leader before he could fully realise the mission and cherished dream of the Nagas. Further, he offered prayer for the departed soul, bereaved family, members and to all the rank and file of the NSCN-K.
NTC: The Nagaland Tribes Council (NTC) is saddened and grieved by the sudden demise of SS Khaplang, one of the tallest Naga National leaders at Taka in Myanmar on June 9. “The departure of our legendary leader at this critical juncture in the history of Naga National Movement is a great lost for the Naga people as a whole” the condolence message read.
NTC expressed that the vacuum created by his demise is immense and cannot be filled for a long time. It offered prayer that his legacy continues to inspire and cherish by the Nagas for generations.
The NTC convey its deepest condolences to the bereaved family and to all ranks and files of the NSCN (K). Further, it prays for the departed soul to rest in peace.
NLFT: The National Liberation Front of Twipra (NLFT) condoled the demise of alte SS Khaplang, chairman of NSCN (K). NLFT expressed that late Khaplang will be always remembered as a great revolutionary leader of North East India-verified by his tremendous skills and thoughts. He is the towering leader in uniting all the revolutionary organisations of Northeast India and in the formation of common organisation known as United Liberation Front of Western South East Asia, it added.
At this time of grief, NLFT shared its prayers with the NSCN (K).
LSU: The Lotha Students’ Union (LSU) has expressed grief at the sudden demise of NSCN (K) chief on June 9 at Taka in Myanmar. Lamenting that his demise was a great loss for the Nagas, LSU stated that drawing inspiration and motivation from his eventful life will be the best tribute to S S Khaplang. The union expressed that his commitment will be always treasured and cherished. Further, LSU pray to Almighty to grant courage and long life to his dear and the departed soul to rest in peace.
CPO: Chakhesang Public Organisation (CPO) in a condolence message described late SS Khaplang as one of the tallest leaders in the freedom struggle for Naga sovereignty, who had sacrificed his best for the political cause of the Nagas. CPO prays Almighty for solace to the bereaved family members and the departed soul to rest in eternal home.

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