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Friday, February 23, 2024

National Voters’ Day observed across Nagaland

By EMN Updated: Jan 25, 2024 8:29 pm
National Voters' Day
Kesonyu Yhome and other officials with the awardees at St. Joseph’s College, Jakhama, on Thursday.

DIMAPUR — The 14th National Voters’ Day was observed across Nagaland on Thursday with the theme ‘Nothing like voting, I vote for sure’.

The state-level observation, organised by the Election department in collaboration with St. Joseph’s College (SJC), Jakhama, was held at the indoor stadium, SJC Jakhama, according to a DIPR report.

Speaking at the programme, special guest Kesonyu Yhome stated that one of the most significant challenges to democracy today is that the right people, who have the right knowledge and legitimate franchise, do not vote.

Chief Electoral Officer (CEO) Vyasan R, on the occasion, urged the students to exercise their franchise by voting, saying that the election process is a massive exercise in which every stakeholder, particularly voters, plays an important role and urged them to be a part of the celebration of democracy.

Earlier, Deputy Commissioner (DC) and District Election Officer (DEO) Kohima Kumar Ramnikant urged voters to become familiar with the country’s election process and to exercise their franchise in the upcoming Lok Sabha election.

On the occasion, the winners of various award categories were announced. For the state-level, the Best State-Level BLO was awarded to Moanungsang, P/T, GPS Mongsenbai, Mokokchung, while Chingpai N Konyak from the BA 2nd Semester, Economic Department at Patkai Christian College received the Best Campus Ambassador award.

At the district level, Best BLO awards were given to Zasekuolie, Zakieneituo Zumu, Kevihelie, Kevilelie Zhale, Kedosieto Sophie, and Kroneicho Tase.

Phek: The National Voters’ Day in Phek took place at the DPDB Hall, DC office complex, with DC and DEO Kuko Mero as the special guest, as reported by DIPR.

In his address, Mero emphasised that the day observed every year is a time for introspection for all. He urged young voters, who make up 65% of the total electorate, to exercise their voting rights and cautioned them against misusing their votes, stressing the precious role they play in choosing leaders and driving development.

The DC noted that the Election Commission of India (ECI) is making concerted efforts to eliminate malpractices occurring during elections and is working towards maintaining a clean electoral roll. Later, he distributed the Elector Photo Identity Cards (EPIC) to first-time voters.

Mokokchung: Mokokchung district observed the day at the DC conference hall with DC Mokokchung, Thsuvisie Phoji, as the special guest.

Phoji encouraged newly enrolled voters to use their voting rights to promote good governance and achieve their vision for the state. He said that democracy is more than just casting a vote; the true essence of democracy emerges when all eligible voters are registered and no one is left out.

Highlighting the status of women’s representation in the state legislative body, he encouraged women to participate in the election process and present themselves as district and state representatives.

Chümoukedima: National Voter’s Day was observed in Chümoukedima district at the DC office.

DC Chümoukedima Abhinav Shivam spoke on the occasion about youth and first-time voters, stating that the youth and young voters hold the future of Nagaland.

He emphasised ethical voting and its impact on the vicious cycle, highlighting the connection between elections and the social and economic well-being of the state. He stated that every individual bears responsibility for the state’s welfare and that voting is not merely a step forward but an initial stride towards change and a better tomorrow.

He went on to say that blaming politicians will not help change the systems; instead, every individual should take responsibility to improve society, as Nagaland is a close-knit society that can be leveraged for the benefit of all.

Noklak: The day was observed at the DC conference hall in Noklak with DC Noklak, Arikumba, encouraging young and newly enrolled voters to actively participate in the electoral process.

While emphasising the importance of the day, he stated that it is their responsibility to participate and vote in the election. The DC congratulated the BLOs who had been recognised as the best BLOs under 56 and 57 assembly constituencies and encouraged them to maintain the same spirit in the coming days.

He also advised all the BLOs to enrol all eligible voters in the e-roll in the district. Furthermore, the DC felicitated first-time voters and handed over the best BLO awards to the awardees.

Wokha: Joining the rest of the nation, Wokha district observed National Voters’ Day at the DC conference hall.

The update mentioned that the ADC and Electoral Registration Officer of Wokha, K Furhesie Nyyuwi, while addressing the participants on the occasion, stated that the day aims to promote people’s participation in elections by encouraging and felicitating young voters and increasing voters’ enrollment.

On the theme, he said that it aims to convey an individual’s feelings and aspirations towards participation in the electoral process through the power of their votes.

Tuensang: The day was observed in Tuensang on Thursday at the DC conference hall. Speaking on the occasion, DC and DEO Lithrongla Tongpi Rutsa encouraged the newly registered voters to take part in the upcoming parliamentary election.

She also emphasised that it is their fundamental right to take part in the election. The younger generation, she noted, plays a significant role in electing the rightful candidate and participating in the functioning of the government.

The DC also expressed appreciation for the work of the BLOs in their respective areas, encouraged them to focus on registering genuine voters and discouraged proxy enrollments. She stressed that clean elections start with a clean electoral roll.

Kiphire: The 14th National Voters’ Day was observed in Kiphire at the DPDB hall, with DC and DEO Kiphire, John Tsulise Sangtam, as the chief guest.

Sangtam, speaking on the occasion, cautioned against fraudulent votes or any illegal interference in voting in the coming days. He also encouraged BLOs and assured them that the best BLOs’ names would be recommended to the election commission in the coming days.

Bhandari: National Voter Day was observed on Thursday at the conference hall of the ADC office in Bhandari.

Addressing the gathering, Longdiba L Sangtam, ADC Bhandari, stated that National Voters’ Day was initiated in 2011 to commemorate the foundation of the Election Commission of India, empowering citizens with the duty and responsibility of electing the right leaders.

He also encouraged young voters to enrol and exercise their rights by participating in the election process through voting.

Fazl Ali College: The department of Political Science at Fazl Ali College, Mokokchung, also observed National Voters’ Day on the theme ‘Nothing like voting, I vote for sure’.

According to an update, the event’s speaker, associate professor Lipokrenla Jamir, emphasised the importance of each voter making a conscious decision to vote and participating in spreading awareness about it.

She highlighted the history of National Voters’ Day and its significance, emphasising that the health of a government and democracy depends on the active participation of each voter.

The participants were encouraged to exercise their right to vote in the upcoming elections, and the programme concluded with the participants taking the voters’ pledge.

National Voters' Day
National Voters’ Day (Livingstone Foundation International)

LFI College: Livingstone Foundation International (LFI) College, Dimapur, observed National Voters’ Day on its campus, with L Achilo Kikon, assistant professor, department of Political Science, highlighting the importance of participation and the value of one vote.

The programme concluded with the ‘elector’s pledge,’ administered by Zasevino Nakhro, the nodal officer of the Electoral Literacy Club and assistant professor at the Department of Political Science, to encourage young voters to vote in free and fair elections, according to an update.

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