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National Doctors’ Day: Saving lives in the face of uncertainty

By Reyivolü Rhakho Updated: Jul 01, 2021 12:31 am
Mock drill being carried out at the Naga Hospital Authority Kohima on Thursday.

Reyivolü Rhakho
Kohima, June 30 (EMN): National Doctors’ Day is commemorated on July 1 to celebrate the contributions of physicians and their selfless service; however this day becomes even more poignant in the present scenario when the world is grappling with Covid-19 pandemic, in which doctors have been at the forefront, faithfully giving their best effort to save human lives.

‘Stepping up for this noble job means abandoning your own well being and everything that comes along with it and yet you bravely choose to stay and guard the sick against all odds,’ Vipito Swu, a resident of Kohima, conveyed to doctors on the occasion of National Doctor’s Day.

Speaking to Eastern Mirror, Swu said doctors reminded him of a story about ‘a mother dog not leaving her dying puppy but kept on howling and licking her baby until he opened his eyes for the last whining goodbye’.

“You (doctors) are the answer to the prayers of every sick and broken person out there lying on the hospital bed reaching out for that one hope, one light,” he said.

“For all the sacrifices you are making day in and day out, putting yourself in the way of the virus to save a dear life. I would like to say that your service to patients is saving countless lives and making thousands of differences. Your dedication, commitment and courage deserve our deepest gratitude and admiration,” Swu added.

Swu, who is also a musician, thanked all the doctors, nurses, pharmacists, EMTs, healthcare workers and others for making huge sacrifices in fighting the Covid-19 on behalf of millions of people.

Despite these tough and unprecedented times, they continue to put others first, he said.

“Everyday your compassion is appreciated, your dedication is admired and your service to humanity makes a difference in the life of others. May you be proud of the work you do, the person and the difference you are making. So let me just say, not all heroes wear capes, some wear scrubs,” Swu concluded.

‘Doctors playing most crucial role’

Doctors have been playing the most crucial role during this ongoing Covid-19 pandemic for almost two years now, said student leader Tenyebinlo Himb.

As frontline workers, fighting the unknown day and night is not easy at all, he said while praying that doctors find more courage and strength to endure the challenge.

“Your deeds will never go in vain and we will never ever forget,” he said. “You are not alone. May God bless and keep all of you safe always.”

Abenthung Kikon, a resident of Wokha, in his message to doctors on the occasion conveyed: “Thank you so much for all the effort in saving lives and putting a smile on many faces. I wish all the doctors a happy Doctors’ Day”.

‘We feel safer because of you’

Nuthipru Nienu from Phek district, who currently works and resides in Bengaluru said: “We feel safer in this world because of you all. The story of your bravery will go down in the history of mankind.”

He went on to state that healthcare workers were the true heroes of the pandemic, bravely and selflessly saving millions of lives.

“Be proud of yourself for the fact that you have the strength to rise above any situation to perform your duties and have given your best no matter the circumstances. Thank you for your service to mankind,” he added.

God’s special gift

‘Since childhood, my parents told me doctors are the ones who have the ability to save a dying person on earth since God has given a special gift to them among all other professions,’ said Loreni Tsanglao from Kohima.

During the pandemic, people are witnessing the sacrifices doctors and the whole medical fraternity are giving to save a life, she observed.

“Kudos to all and on this National Doctors’ Day, while expressing my sincere gratitude to the whole medical fraternity, I wish them all the best and my support to fight the Coronavirus. Keep the Faith, Together we can!”, Tsanglao conveyed.

How prayer became source of strength

Meanwhile, Dr. Kilang Pongener, a medicine specialist, who recently returned home from quarantine and a weeklong Covid-19 duty at Dr. Imkongliba Memorial District Hospital (IMDH) in Mokokchung, shared how praying to God strengthened him to go on with his duty despite the life threatening virus.

“I know that there are so many people who pray for me. I am there in the hospital on behalf of so many people. So there are people who I know and who I don’t know, who are praying for me every moment. Possibly, this is the reason why I get the strength physically as well as mentally to be strong and not be afraid,” he said.

Whenever Pongener and his colleagues were on duty, they would sit together and pray for one another. ‘As Christians, this is our biggest strength,’ he said.

The doctor went on to say that he would pray for patients who died under his care.

“As human beings, we couldn’t do much when patients are dying but I called the patient’s family and prayed together,” he revealed.

When asked if he felt insecure at any point of time while on duty, he said that he was neither scared nor fearful.

“Patients have died under my care. I forgot to feel afraid when I’m taking care of them. When they were dying I didn’t feel afraid. I don’t even get the time to feel afraid when I’m taking care of them,” he shared.

`We get physically stressed out when there is too much work and couldn’t get time to sit or have time for ourselves,’ he admitted.

Sharing more about his experience during Covid duty, he said he would take care of about 16 Covid patients in a day (whoever is admitted at the hospital).

‘However, it is not about the number of patients but depends on the severity of the patient’s condition. Besides, the number of patients varies from doctor to doctor,’ he added.

He would take calls, visit patients every day, check their medication, talk to them and attend to newly admitted patients anytime of the day. So, seven days was “very stressful”, he recalled.

The doctor in his message to the people said that they also have families, personal problems to take care of and get exhausted.

He said that leaving everything aside, they were working really hard ‘yet people expect a lot from them’, especially in this Covid situation.

“People compare our facilities with that of metro cities and foreign countries. But we are not like them. So, we may not be able to deliver cutting edge facilities. But what we are doing we are doing,” he said.

“Sometimes, it’ll be good if people can do something like at least saying thank you. I really feel that I am doing good work, so I really want to listen to ‘thank you’ sometimes. Even God wants ‘Thank you’. As human beings, we should give some appreciation. It will give a big boost to those who are working really hard,” the doctor added.

By Reyivolü Rhakho Updated: Jul 01, 2021 12:31:54 am