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Tuesday, May 21, 2024

Namibia disappointed by U.S. veto of UN membership for Palestine

By IANS Updated: Apr 20, 2024 8:59 pm

LONDON — Namibia has expressed its disappointment following the recent decision by the United Nations Security Council (UNSC) not to adopt a resolution granting the State of Palestine full membership in the United Nations.

In a statement on Friday, Peya Mushelenga, minister of international relations and cooperation, expressed strong dismay over the veto exercised by the United States, which prevented the adoption of the resolution recommending Palestine’s full membership to the UN General Assembly, Xinhua news agency reported.

The United States on Thursday voted against the Palestinian request for full UN membership at the UNSC. The 15-member council voted on a draft resolution recommending to the 193-member UN General Assembly that “the State of Palestine be admitted to membership of the United Nations.”

The draft resolution received 12 votes in favour, two abstentions and one vote against.

Mushelenga criticized the veto as a setback to international efforts aimed at resolving the protracted Israel-Palestine conflict.

“The use of the veto in the UNSC to deny the State of Palestine its legitimate right to UN membership is testimony that some powerful member states of the UN value their national interest at the expense and detriment of the values and norms of the international community,” Mushelenga said.

“Regrettably, while small states believe in the lofty ideals and principles inscribed in the Charter of the UN, the action by a Permanent Member of the Security Council to prevent Palestine’s full membership leaves serious doubt on their full commitment to these noble principles,” he added.

He reiterated Namibia’s solidarity with the people of Palestine and called upon the UN to exert pressure on the UNSC to fulfil its responsibilities in addressing the issue.

By IANS Updated: Apr 20, 2024 8:59:29 pm
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