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Nagas should learn and speak own dialect: DGP

By EMN Updated: Aug 02, 2013 12:32 am

Our Correspondent | EMN
Kohima, August 1

Director General of Police Besüsayo Kezo today emphasized the need for the Naga people to learn and use their own dialects in order to uphold the Naga identity and culture.
He said this while addressing the 4th session of Chokri Chakhesang Literature Committee (CCLC) held under the theme “Language: Our Ethnicity and Identity here at Zonal Council Hall as the chief guest.He said one should learn how to speak one’s own dialect (language) as language is power and there is no end in learning.
“Language is our culture and the first identity,” he said, adding that language belongs to people, people belong to language and language identifies one’s culture and tradition.
The DGP, however, regretted that “Nagas have lost own identity of speaking own language by giving more priority in Nagamese”. He also urged the gathering to spread the language and culture to the younger generation for its revival.
He also lauded the CCLC for their contribution in bringing up Chokri language in their community.
Short speeches were also delivered by Convenor of CCGTC Rev. Thikhu-o Phesao and Chief Advisor of CCLC Zachilhü Vadeo.
CCLC vice chairman Zaveyi Nyekha chaired chaired the session while CCLC chairman Ariyi Nyenü delivered the welcome address and CCLC Advisory Board member Shetsoyi Rüho tendered the vote of thanks.

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