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Nagas on the threshold of ‘fullest’ development— Along

By Our Correspondent Updated: Mar 08, 2019 1:24 am
Temjen Imna
Minister of higher and technical education, Temjen Imna Along, speaking at the inaugural ceremony of the 12th Open Naga wrestling tournament at Khouchiezie in Kohima on March 7.

Our Correspondent
Kohima, March 7 (EMN): Stating that Nagaland is on the threshold of bringing development to its fullest, state minister of higher and technical education, Temjen Imna Along Longkumer, asked the “outsiders” not to look at the state through its poor infrastructure.
Imna Along stated this while addressing the gathering at the inaugural programme of the 12th open Naga wrestling competition here at Khouchiezie, local ground, Kohima, on March 7.
The minister requested the guests from outside the state not to judge the state through its road condition, saying that the state might appear “weak but we are at the threshold of bring ing about development to the state in its fullest.”
He also requested the visitors to ‘take home fond memories. He added that young people —young men and women — from Nagaland will be at the forefront of the nation soon.

“We are willing to open up our hearts, open up our land for collective vision of growth, development, prosperity and strength for our people,” Longkumer said.
He said that Nagaland is constituted of over 60% youngsters from the age of 20-25 years.

He urged the youth to work hard, put sincere efforts and not take things lightly towards a venture that would bring prosperity and progress to the community. He assured that the state government is working hard to harness the potential of the youths to its fullest.
Projecting the positivity, Longkumer said the Nagas have “chosen to take up hard work and sincere efforts other than guns and bullets and extortions and problems that wreck havoc in our land.”

On the Naga political issue, the minister maintained that Nagas have chosen to go for peace. “The negotiating leaders have chosen to negotiate for peace, development, and prosperity of the people,” he said.
He asked the gathering to have a positive attitude in approach and overcome negativity by rendering support to those involved in the peace process.

Asserting that India has open up for Nagas to participate not only in the field of business and politics but also in the field of sports, he encouraged the people to impregnate the rest of the county with skills and abilities.
‘We are gifted by God. We are agile, smart, intelligent, we have a physique that is good for sports. 99% of the Nagas have a physiques that can be the best in the world,’ he added.

He appealed the leaders of the association and federation to focus on the goal despite the difficulties and challenges along the way. Further, he also congratulated the NWA for taking initiative of having a world class wrestling tournament in the state capital.

By Our Correspondent Updated: Mar 08, 2019 1:24:30 am
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