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Nagas make Nagas confused

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Acüyi Vadeo

[dropcap]T[/dropcap]he foundation of the Naga nation was laid on the Solid Rock by the creator on purpose. Thus we could so far by the grace of God save the sovereignty and freedom of our people as a nation. Besides some pro-Indian Nagas have tried to pull down the foundation stone of our nation in collaboration with India the aggressor and dividing our country by pouring money in our land. A.Z. Phizo, father of the Naga nation foretold “Nagas will never surrender in the battle field, but many Nagas will fall when money was shot through the barrel of gun.” So money-grubbing is the main root why we Nagas are suffering today in the hand of the enemy.We have, time and again clarified about the Shillong Accord and we hope that all sensible Nagas have now already understood about it. Because, the Naga nation never signed the Accord in 1975. So, A.Z. Phizo, President, NNC said, “I have the mandate of the Naga people. I and my people do not accept the Shillong Accord” and he further said, “let India first speak of the Accord. Then we will only speak of it.” The Indian leaders also took the accord as a fraud and had nothing to do with it. If any crooked Naga wants to go further about the accord, let him/her go wherever he/she goes and our people will certainly come to know who he/she is when the time comes.
The problem we are facing today is that some dishonest educated Nagas and some pro-Indian Nagas who have retired from Indian national service are trying to forcibly apply the constitution of India in Nagaland. But the constitution of India, the aggressor can never be applied in Nagaland, because the Indian constitution is constituted for the Indian nation alone. Likewise we Nagas have the Yehzabo (Constitution) of Nagaland which is constituted for the Naga nation to govern the Naga territories and not for India and other foreign nations.
As the Indo-Naga war turned into peace by signing of an International Ceasefire Agreement between the Government of India (GoI) and the Federal Government of Nagaland (FGN) which was officially effected from the midnight 5th/6th September, 1964, the Naga nation observed this historic day every year since 1964. We have our own nation, our established government and our all. But unfortunately due to the arbitrary administration of India and her occupational Armed Forces power, the Naga people are still suffering and living under the threat and suppression of the invader.
While some pro-Indian Nagas are shamelessly posing as Indian IAS Officers, whereas they were actually born of the Naga blood. Such Nagas who became the faithful servant of India, the aggressor obediently worked with inclining slavery mentality at best for the welfare of India, the arch enemy who killed tens of thousands of our people. Such persons created all sorts of problem in our land. Hence the Government of India gave them the Indian Administrative Service (IAS) for their faithfulness and hard labour for India most likely as a raw member. But the true Nagas are not so. We are a nation in our own right. Therefore the Naga nation also conferred the honorary title and awards to those Naga patriots who made supreme sacrifice for the Naga nation. Thus the Naga nation conferred A.Z. Phizo “the Father of the Naga Nation” in recognition of his extraordinary acts and supreme sacrifice for the Naga nation.
Some extraordinary acts and supreme sacrifice of A.Z. Phizo are mentioned here below:
1. Jawaharlal Nehru offered a blank-political Cheque to A.Z. Phizo, but A.Z. Phizo refused it.
2. Nehru offered A.Z. Phizo to become the Governor of Assam, but A.Z. Phizo refused it.
3. Then Nehru asked A.Z. Phizo to become the Chief Minister of Assam, but A.Z. Phizo refused it.
4. Nehru again asked A.Z. Phizo to become a Minister in the Indian Government, but A.Z. Phizo refused it.
5. India offered A.Z. Phizo to become an Ambassador for Malaya, but A.Z. Phizo refused it.
6. Again Shri Prakasa, the then Minister of the Natural Resources and Scientific Research of India and former Governor of Assam in 1949 asked A.Z. Phizo, “Phizo, whatever you wanted we shall give you. Just make a list and give it to me. Money is not the question. We shall give you anything” but A.Z. Phizo refused it.
7. And again in 1952, Nehru asked A.Z. Phizo to become the President of India, but A.Z. Phizo refused it.
A.Z. Phizo thus said, “I refused the offers because I love our Naga people more than anything else in this world. After I learnt so much how easy to sell and betray one’s own country and nation I was horrified that if these offerings were to be made to any other Naga who may not love our people as much as I do than I knew we would have gone.”
This is the greatest challenge to every Naga to do so like A.Z. Phizo without any doubt instead of urging one after another to confuse and confound among the Nagas.

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