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Tuesday, February 27, 2024
Dimapur, Nagaland

Nagas identity lie in its vibrant culture — DC Dimapur

By Purnungba Longkumer Updated: Jan 16, 2024 9:04 pm
Cultural troupe performing an item during the 10th Mimkut Mini Hornbill Festival in Phaipijang village, Dimapur, on Tuesday.

DIMAPUR — Mentioning that the essence of Naga identity lies in its vibrant cultural heritage, the deputy commissioner of Dimapur, Dr. Tinojongshi Chang, lauded the state government for initiating and sponsoring Hornbill Festival and Mini Hornbill Festival, which has contributed significantly to the enhancement of the Naga cultural legacy.

He stated this during the 10th Mimkut Mini Hornbill Festival held in Phaipijang village, Dimapur, on Tuesday organised by Kuki Inpi Nagaland (KIN) and Phaipijang village council and sponsored by Tourism department, Government of Nagaland, on the theme “Unity through culture.”

Dr. Chang, who was the special guest of the event, stated that through the initiation of such festivals, noticeable transformations have occurred in the presentation and active participation in the vibrant cultural performances. He praised the Kuki community for their lively and unique way. He added that it was not the first time for him to attend the Kuki Mimkut festival as he had already experienced the beautiful festival when he was posted in Jalukie.

He encouraged the younger generation to actively participating in the festival to promote unique culture of the community and urged the gathering not to shy away but to actively embrace and contribute to their rich cultural heritage. He also appealed to the gathering to preserve their culture and identity.

An invocation prayer was said by KBAN executive secretary, Rev. David Vaiphei, while the welcome address was delivered by Sehjan Doungel, retired commissioner and secretary, Government of Nagaland.

The traditional declaration of Mimkut was administered by Kut Pa, which was followed with Mimkut theme song performed by Mimkut band of Phaipijang village. A short speech was also delivered by the president of Kuki Inpi Nagaland, L Singsit, IPS retired.

The highlights of the Mini Hornbill included cultural performances by Molvom cultural troupe (Khulkon Lam), Maova cultural troupe (Saipi Khupsuh), Phaipijang cultural troupe (Salu Lam), Khaibung cultural troupe (Savailhun), Kuki Union Dimapur cultural troupe (Jangcha Lam), Bungsang cultural troupe (Vakol Lam) and Kuki Union Chümoukedima cultural troupe (Suhta lam).

A song was also performed by baby Chongdeingai Chongloi and Kimhoingah Kipgen. It also witnessed display of various Kuki traditional items and indigenous traps and concluded with a vote of thanks delivered by the KIN finance secretary, Sehkhonlun Chongloi.

The festival will conclude on January 17 with the advisor of Urban Development and Municipal Affairs department, Zhaleo Rio, as the special guest.

By Purnungba Longkumer Updated: Jan 16, 2024 9:04:04 pm
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