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Nagas easy prey for online fraudsters–Police

By Our Reporter Updated: Jan 30, 2020 11:14 pm

Our Reporter
Dimapur, Jan. 30 (EMN):
India is reported to have one of the highest rates of cyber crime committed in a country. Nagaland’s numbers have also visibly grown over the years with two cases already registered this month alone.

Malicious activities seem to be brewing as complaints of fraudulent activities are on the rise in the state especially one that involves popular buy-and-sell website, amongst other social media platforms.

Asabo Newmai, a sub-inspector in the cyber crime branch spoke to Eastern Mirror and highlighted few incidences where many from Nagaland have fallen victim to cyber crime. Many incidences of innocent victims falling prey to fake army personnel on OLX have been reported in previous years, with the most common form of scam being asking for advance payment and then disappearing with the money, he informed.

Newmai highlighted an incident in which a woman from Dimapur was duped via OLX of around INR 30,000.

“The victim wanted to purchase a phone, so she decided to buy from OLX where a person claiming to be an army official was selling phones,” informed Newmai.

The fraudster, Newmai said, impersonated an army officer so that victims would fall prey easily due to the ‘trust factor involved’.

“Many would trust people posing as army officials since they produce fake identities and proof,” said Newmai.

It was informed that the victim sent the money in instalments and even paid for “baggage claim” at the airport.

“Through photo analysis sent by the seller to the victim and tracking through mobile IMI, the perpetrator was arrested in Delhi,” informed Newmai.

According to him, the modus operandi is the same in all cases when it comes to cyber fraud. “Gullible buyers are offered a very low price on cars, gadgets and are asked to make an advance payment,” informed Newmai.

Another means employed by the fraudsters is posing as truck drivers transporting the particular goods, such as a car, and asking for a “check post fine or fee”, he informed.

“Nagas are very naive and we tend to believe easily; the fraudsters always do their homework so well and dupe people,” maintained Newmai adding that victims should report the crime immediately so that transactions can be blocked as soon as possible. For most crimes committed online, the easy availability of illegal sim cards is a major hindrance to tackling cyber crimes, he informed.

The sub inspector further informed that many other crimes such as selling of bank accounts are also common. “An old man gave his account details to his son which was sold to a person for INR 15,000 but the account was used to carry out fraudulent activities online,” informed Newmai and added that the ‘innocent old man’ was arrested and is in police custody in Delhi since all details were his.

Since so many hacking videos and tools are available online, fraudsters also use them to steal from old people at ATM booths. “Loose keypads and card insertion slots at ATMs are compromised so that a thief can quickly steal the money from an aged person,” said Newmai.

In order to facilitate victims and complainants of cyber crime, the national cyber crime reporting portal was launched by Union Home Minister Amit Shah earlier this month. Complaints reported on are dealt by law enforcement agencies and police based on the information available in the complaints.

According to reports, the portal will focus on specific crimes especially in relation to finance and social media.

By Our Reporter Updated: Jan 30, 2020 11:14:09 pm
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