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Nagas destroying themselves, says pacifist Iralu

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NOTED social activist of Nagaland Niketu Iralu said Saturday that the Naga people do not need anyone to destroy them. The Nagas themselves are causing their own destruction, he said during a recent conference on leadership and peacemaking. A leadership conference on building peacemakers was organized by the Nagaland Peace Centre of Peren in collaboration with Hope for Nations Ministry and Changers League recently. The conference was held in Jalukie town, under Peren district.
Speaking during the event Niketu Iralu narrated some of his encounters with friends who opined about the Naga people. Although known as ‘troublemakers’, Nagas are fortunate to have their own history, according to Iralu, quoting his friends. However, one of his friends told Iralu: “The Nagas do not need anybody to destroy them, they are destroying themselves,” Iralu said.
“Only the Nagas, while the British were still in India, made their position clear to the world, and they dared to defy the forces that subjected them and stand up against them,” the social activist and church leader said.
That Nagas have sacrificed and achieved ‘something’, that is ‘Naga nationality’ is a fact, he said. “We should appreciate one another for what we have become instead of accusing one another for what we have not become. We often asked God for what we need, but have we ever ask what God need of us? One must find one’s calling. It doesn’t matter who gets the credit,” he said.
Iralu also acknowledged the ‘rich history’ of the Zeliangrong people. He recounted the history of the Naga people and their struggle for freedom, their resistance against foreign rule in their land. The social activist said that the Zeliangrong people started the resistance movement prior to the Simon Commission of 1929.
According to the church leader, the Nagas’ forefathers and then “national workers” responded to the challenges of their times when they decided to choose their own future. The Nagas’ aspiration for freedom and their right to self determination was right, Iralu said. The neighboring states and people know and respect the Nagas for their rights and decisions to create and hold on to their history, he explained.
He quoted Socrates: “All of history can be written in two small words, ‘challenge and response’”. Iralu affirmed that each society progresses only to the extent it can meet its challenges. Socrates’ personal theme “Know yourself” speaks volume of meaning for personal realization and growth, he said. Likewise, he stated the need to examine oneself to see what example one is giving to the society. “A life not examined is not worth living”, he said and urged the people to ‘honestly examine oneself.’

A degenerating Nagaland
Among those who spoke during the event was president of Hope for Nations Ministry Dr. Peter. In his message, he lamented that the Naga society today continues to ‘degrade’ and disintegrate. Morality among the people has ‘is bankrupt’ and their society has been demoralized, the speaker said. According to Dr. Peter ‘3500 Nagas’ in Delhi are spending not less than 17 cores every month collectively.
Unfortunately, he said, some come back home in coffins, girls return home pregnant and some return with ‘husbands’ and ‘wives.’ The situation in the state is similar, he said.
The finance that the government of India provides to Nagaland is being returned ‘in the form of students’ expenses.’ “What gain and good does this to the Nagas?” he asked.
The preacher also said that more than 40 lakhs are spent every day by the Naga society ‘on consumption of tobacco products.’ He lamented that the amount could have been spent for building the ministry of God. Sounding a bell of warning that if the Naga people do not devote to the ministry of God, ‘the Lord will take away their blessings and give it to other nations.’
US and the Naga
people: Same leadership demands
Florida-based All Nations Outreach Mission’s director Christ Pledger also spoke. He spoke on ‘true leadership’ in the pattern of Jesus Christ’s leadership. He quoting the Bible that ‘Righteousness exalts the nation but sin is a reproach to it.’ No nation can prosper without God’s leading and guidance, Pledger said. He was moved by the current situation of the Nagas and compared their condition with America’s. America has also faced diverse and divisive forces within, but could overcome it with God’s help, he said. What made America one of the youngest nations in the world but the greatest nation of all was that her founding fathers sought the kingdom of God and His righteousness.
Pledger explained further: When George Washington was nominated to the presidential post and later addressed the Congress, the Speaker pointed out to the gathering to look at the president’s ‘knees’ – Washington was a leader who was humble, prayerful and devoted to serving humanity. He was called to lead the American nation, Pledger said.
“Leaders are not to be ministered but to minister. Leadership is a cup of bitter challenge one must drink in order to lead the people (Mark 10:16),” he said drawing reference to God’s teachings. ‘There is no place for selfishness among the leaders of God.
What Nagas need today is godly leaders not position-seeker leaders,’ the American preacher said. “First learn to lead yourself. You cannot lead other well unless you lead yourself well. How can other listen to you if you don’t listen to yourself, if you don’t lead, how can you lead others? Bring you first to subjection in order to bring them into subjection,” he said.
Leadership is not about the thrill, excitement or of enthusiasm but of responsibility, he stated. Leadership is not of competition but of action or mission accomplishment, the speaker said. “We should lead by our example. True leadership is a choice. Whosoever will be chief among you must be the servant of all,” he stated, referring to the teachings in the Bible.

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