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Nagas are United, Not Divided

By EMN Updated: Nov 17, 2018 10:00 pm

Naga National Council (NNC)’s declaration of Naga independence on August 14, 1947 and Naga national Plebiscite of May 16, 1951 were the pillars of the foundation of Naga independence history. They represented the climax of Naga unity in the history of Naga independence. They are the living manifestations of that unity. Every Naga testifies on those historic milestones even today. They are deeply ingrained in Naga hearts. None can eradicate sovereignty because it runs in Naga blood. The pillars remain unshaken. This is evident from the fact that, despite differences on practical approach, all accept August 14, 1947 declaration and Plebiscite 1951 mandate as the historical truth.

India tried to divide the Nagas by creating the state of Nagaland within her Union. Statehood failed to eradicate Naga nationalism. In fact, statehood created a new internal security problem for India. Had the NNC been party to 16-point agreement, the entire political scenario would have been different. It would have put an end to Naga independence history. Any other political uprising thereafter would have tantamount to secession. God saved the sovereignty of Nagaland. After statehood, forces from within and without had been relentlessly working to project to the world that Nagas are divided. They cooked up the story of Naga disunity. They are always calling for Naga unity for solution, obviously a solution to self-created problems. Those forces are working very hard to end Naga future in statehood. There had been intensive brain-wash indoctrination by those forces to remove all traces of Naga nationalism. Statehood created such mayhem that today; many people in contemporary times understand Naga independence from the limits of the tiny Nagaland State. Such people look at Naga independence through the myopic prism of Nagaland state. They perceive the political history of Naga independence from the perspective of the aggressor country. Many are forgetting the truth because they have been constantly fed with untruth by invasive propaganda campaign and indoctrination.

Statehood failed to bring permanent peace as expected and intended because that was not the future predestined for Nagas. The so-called Naga political problem was the by-product of statehood. In the pre-statehood era, there was only the problem of external aggression. The core issue was and is to end that aggression. Nagas should talk about this only in one voice. All other issues are incidental/ancillary. Solution based on secondary issues will not bring lasting peace between India and Nagaland. Any misadventure will beget new problem(s). However, Nagas should not have any problem if the Government of India wants to find solution to self-created problems. It will eradicate forces that are responsible for creating problems. It will be good both for Nagaland and India. Nagaland wants peace with India. Nagas want pleasant relationship with Indians.

The principle of Naga unity is sovereignty. Nagas should stay focussed on this only. It is a complete distortion to say that Nagas have disunity. Nagas are united, both physically and politically. Physically, Naga inhabited lands were one contiguous territory from time immemorial. Politically, the Nagas unified for sovereignty. Nagas have absolute political unity because there is no quarrel over the historic geopolitical foundation. Any quarrel outside the basic principle is petty in nature, inherent in all the nations. No power has erased the political history of Naga independence. This is the truth. As long as the historical truth exists, Naga unity will exist. Nagas should stop singing the tune of enemy on disunity and stand firm in the basic principle. That is the best way forward.

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Dr. K. Hoshi

By EMN Updated: Nov 17, 2018 10:00:54 pm