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Wednesday, February 01, 2023
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Nagas Are the Chosen People

By EMN Updated: Aug 21, 2021 11:22 pm

“God hath set time for tearing and a time for mending”

Ecclesiastes 3:7

It is amusing to see that over the last few weeks unprecedented movement of Political history have taken place without hindrance. The three parties formalised a United Government to support Naga political final settlement and for Naga Unity without condition. Therefore, the public and the civil society supports their decision.

Yes, uniting people is at the service of God and dividing people is the devilish work. People have short memory and so do Naga people. When Naga people come together in one accord making a decision, Nagas will be an Independent country. Therefore, Political Covenant popularly called as Plebiscite in 1951 and 99.99% gave thumb impression. However, after few years Naga People’s Convention came into being and pursued for Statehood. Thereby, 16 point Agreement was signed which was manufactured by the Government ignoring the Naga Political Covenant plebiscite in 1960. Therefore, NNC warned to Naga People Convention (NPC) saying “it will be difficult for you to kick the prick” however NPC signed 16 point agreement. After a years time, B.K. Nehru then the first Governor of Nagaland gave a remark “it is a mistake giving a state to Nagaland. Both giver and taker have mistaken because they did not talk to whom they are fighting for a cause.”

It is 60 years now, Naga People are still wandering in wilderness. We share same food in same plate for last 60 years but Naga people suffered. Churches and well-wishers had done their best for peace but all became a failure. Another setback Revolutionary Government was set up and we suffered again. So also Shillong Accord 1970s after 60 years, FNR and Churches and Naga civil society have come together to bring Naga Political group for reconciliation and after 20 years at last they agreed to work together under Naga National Government but it never happened. Inspite of Naga shouting for unity and peace, it never happened. Thereby, we walked down into another dark valley. Realising the past mistake, now all the elected people came together under the United Nagaland Government. People support from all corners because they are thirsty and hungry for peace. We are broken people and suffering people for the last 75 years, we have gone through dark valley as a wounded people and with broken hearted praying to God for His mercy.

Learning from the past mistake, now we bow down with oneness looking for final Political Settlement. Two days back, Dr. Rajkumar Ranjan Singh, the Minister of External Affairs and the Minister of Education of India, came to Kohima and he said at press conference that Prime Minister Narendra Modi committed to settle Naga Political issue. It gives us hope that the Government of India, the biggest democracy government in the world will not betray Naga people which is the longest struggle for political freedom in Afro-Asian people struggle. Let us walk together and humbly pray to God for His mercy with national repentance.

Rev. Dr. V. K. Nuh

By EMN Updated: Aug 21, 2021 11:22:57 pm