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Nagas are fragmented: Kenye calls for unity

By Our Correspondent Updated: May 26, 2016 12:59 am

KOHIMA, MAY 25: THE three-day Ura Academy 46th Tenyidie Seminar commenced this evening at Ura Academy Hall, Kohima.
The inaugural programme was graced by K.G. Kenye, Member of Parliament, Rajya Sabha as the chief guest. Kenye graced the function in absentia of Chief Minister TR Zeliang, who is presently in Assam to attend the NEC meeting on May 26.
Speaking to a host of Tenyimi leaders and intellectuals, Kenye lauded the pioneers of Ura Academy for setting up an institution such as this, which he said, has been a centre of learning and promoting Tenyidie, a common language for the ten Tenyimi tribes.
In his address, the MP suggested that Ura Academy should surge beyond in not only promoting the Tenyimi literature and culture, but also to accommodate other tribes to its fold so that it becomes a centre of Naga heritage in the near future.
The MP, while regretting that the Naga society is fragmented today, called upon all sections of the Naga society to come together under one roof.
“The Nagas today have lots of misunderstanding among ourselves and we are fragmented,” Kenye said recalling the days of our forefathers where they were more united than the present generation.
To this, he stressed the importance of non-governmental organizations, as autonomous bodies, to take the lead role in uniting the Nagas.
“Our foundation should be raised from non-political organizations,” Kenye said maintaining that political parties have their own limitations in holding people together and to keep them united.
On the day, the MP also released four books written by different authors. The book titled “Rarünuo ungo kijü nu kevo” (Alice in Wonderland), was written by Dr. Shürhozelie Liezietsu and Kelhoukhrinuo. Two books written by Khrüvolü Keyho and one by Kethoselie Zhale were also released.
The president of Tenyimi Peoples Organisation (TPO) Timikha Koza, who along with his colleagues graced the programme as special guest, called for unity among the Tenyimi brethrens.
Earlier, the MP also launched the Ura Academy website before the start of the programme. The programme, chaired by Daso Paphino, commenced with invocation pronounced by Rev. Vezovo Khamo, executive secretary, Chakhesang Christian Revival Church Council, while Those Kraho delivered the welcome address. Senior leader of Tenyimi, P Sani exhorted the gathering and Viriezhünuo presented a special number. The vote of thanks was tendered by Kuolachalie Seyie, while the benediction was pronounced by Rev Guotsülie Sorhie, CRC, Kohima village.

By Our Correspondent Updated: May 26, 2016 12:59:13 am