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Nagamese Bible Mission

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Dear people in Nagaland, I, Dr. Sam Kumar Upadhaya (M.Lit) (D.Min) am originally from 180/B Bidhan-Pally, Garia, Kolkata 700084 West Bengal; born in 1971 and brought-up in Hospital-Colony, Kohima and presently residing rented at House No. 133 (Ground-Floor) Lower Bayavii, Kohima, Nagaland. I came from a hindu Brahmin background and in the year of 1983 I was brought to Christ by Rev. Kevi Meru and in 1987 took water-baptism from Union Baptist Church, Kohima. In 2006, I personally and individually took the initiative and translated the whole of the Holy Bible into Nagamese language for the first time in Nagaland History. I translated it to preach the Word of God among the non-dialectical people in my own way. I translated it simply in the way I speak Nagamese and personally printed it so that those who are weak in English can understand it in Nagamese. On the advice of people I again printed it in Nagamese-English Parallel Bible which is first of its kind in Nagaland. It is one-side Nagamese and one-side English for easy reference and quick understanding. I am not associated with any Association, Organization, Council or Church. It is fully a personal ministry of mine and alone do the mission to witness my testimony as I believe that it is a grace given to me by my God out of his great mercy. Presently whatever discussion is going on for Nagamese Language has nothing to do with my translated Nagamese Bible because though I am the first person to bring Nagamese Language in the whole Bible yet I did it to testify the Redemption of God and witness Salvation through Christ. Those who can afford to them I sell for my daily-bread, to them those who cannot they take it free and there are those who contribute gladly and to them I submit compliment. So, to them that query me often, that since 2006 from the coming of Nagamese Bible this is my first public statement and I am clarifying it once and for all that the present discussion on Nagamese Language has nothing to do with the Nagamese Bible and Nagamese-English Parallel Bible which I individually translated to do individual ministry without effecting any. Yet, if need arise I am available at Moblie No. 09856344841.

Dr. Sam Kumar Upadhaya
(M.Lit) (D.Min)
Nagamese Bible Translator

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