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Nagaland’s SDG 2030 needs big, reliable data

By EMN Updated: Jun 29, 2019 11:08 pm

Dimapur, June 29 (EMN): The Chumoukedima Village Council (CVC), in Dimapur district, has complained to the Public Works department about the condition of roads in the Chumoukedima area and has sought repairs or construction of roads there.
A press release to the media from the council on Saturday stated that the roads are “in utter neglect and shambles, the deplorable road conditions particularly in the Chumoukedima town in all its wards, colony and the major approach roads in all directions has been completely forgotten by department.”

Asserting Chumoukedima to be ‘one of the fastest growing townships in the country’ with “an exploding population” (sic), the council wonders “why the town continues to have the most neglected roads.”

According to the council, “not a single road within Chumoukedima is pliable,” and with no repair works or road construction having been taken up during the past 20 years, the public are made to undergo untold hardships even to commute for basic amenities.

The worst-affected, the council stated, are school children and ailing people in need of medical attention—they have to suffer through the “trench-like potholes and natural reservoirs of rainwater on the main roads”

The major ‘lifeline road’ includes the 7th mile-Shokhuvi Road connecting Peren district, the 2nd gate to Chumoukedima village which also connects the first and only NIT of the state besides the colony and wards’ approach roads, the press release stated.

“All the mentioned roads are in pathetic, deplorable condition, unfit even for commuters on foot. With the arrival of the monsoon season, the conditions of the roads are expected to worsen and dilemma of the public will only follow suit.”

The village council appeals to the government authorities particularly the minister for Public Works department, the department (roads and bridges), and member of the legislative assembly for Ghaspani-I to “take cognizance of the untold hardships the denizens of Chumoukedima have been made to bear for so many years…” The council has sought including repair work or road constructions in the “immediate list of road construction projects to be undertaken for the current year 2019.”

The council has assured its “fullest cooperation” to any developmental work that the government brings and declared that the council will extend ‘all possible assistance for successful completion’ of projects, the press release added.

By EMN Updated: Jun 29, 2019 11:08:00 pm