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Sunday, July 21, 2024

Nagaland ULB elections: Political parties issue tickets in different districts

By EM Bureau Updated: Jun 10, 2024 9:47 pm

DIMAPUR — The Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) issued party tickets to a total of 18 candidates on Monday for the forthcoming urban local body (ULB) elections for both the Chümoukedima Town Council (CTC) and the Niuland Town Council (NTC).

The ticket distribution programme was held at BJP Ghaspani-I Mandal, Chümoukedima.

The list of candidates from Chümoukedima Town Council (CTC) are H Kasheli Achumi (ward 1), Roko Shuya (ward 2), Teisovilie (ward 3), Hovise Naleo (ward 5), Thepfulhoutuo Shuya (ward 6), Sanuo Ngullie (ward 7), L Vikheto (ward 8), V Bohoto Achumi (ward 9) and Imti Naro Yhoshu (ward 10).

For the Niuland Town Council, the party candidates include Visheli Zhimomi (ward 1), V Sauel Holo (ward 2), Ikhadu Zhimomi (ward 3), G Tozheli Sema (ward 4), Kahoi Holo (ward 5), Vitozhe Sema (ward 6), Vikheli Chishi (ward 7), Shihoto Zhimo (ward 8) and Kakheka Zhimomi (ward 9).

BJP will prioritise basic necessities, says Jacob Zhimomi

After the ticket distribution ceremony, Minister for PHED and Cooperation Jacob Zhimomi told the media  that the BJP will be focusing on basic necessities in towns and urban areas.

The minister said that after a long hiatus, the ULBs will be assisting the state government and performing on behalf of the government.

He also said that the BJP and NDPP will be supporting each other in different constituencies where ULB elections are to be held.

Zhimomi admitted that though there were many BJP party ticket aspirants, the party, after thorough scrutiny, awarded the tickets to the ‘best candidates’.

NDPP issues party tickets for MMC, DMC, town councils

The president of the Nationalist Democratic Progressive Party (NDPP) Mokokchung region, Mangyangnungba, claimed on Monday that the party is poised to sweep the urban local body (ULB) polls in the district, securing 30-plus seats.

He made this statement during the ticket issuance programme at the party’s office in Mokokchung. The party issued 36 tickets for the Mokokchung Municipal Council and the various town councils within the district.

He stated that the prevailing public sentiment favours the party, while noting that the NDPP will be contesting in 17 out of the 18 wards in the Mokokchung Municipal Council.

The party will contest in eight out of nine wards in Mangkolemba Town Council, nine out of 11 wards in Changtongya Town Council, and two out of nine wards in Tuli Town Council. The tickets issued on Monday encompass both reserved and general category seats.

The president expressed confidence, pointing out that three NDPP candidates are currently unopposed in the Mokokchung Municipal Council, with a fourth likely to join them soon. He also mentioned that many of the party’s candidates in the town councils remain unopposed.

Admitting that the recent Lok Sabha result from Mokokchung district was a setback for the party, he argued that the religious card would not influence people’s minds since ULB elections are generally dominated by local issues and are confined to neighbourhood concerns rather than broader themes.

He asserted that the angle of the religious card or other ulterior motives would not deter people’s consciousness, emphasising that the issues are concentrated solely on their respective wards.

Mangyangnungba also clarified that the party did not field candidates in all 47 ULB seats in Mokokchung district yet due to a unique situation where the community in some wards is working towards nominating consensus candidates (independents).

It also issued party tickets for Dimapur Municipal Council and three town councils at the party headquarters in Chümoukedima on Monday.

The list of candidates for Dimapur Municipal Council are Neingutoulie Kenguruse (ward 2), Namduadi Rangkau Zeliang (ward 3), Tokheli (ward 6), Lanutoshi Steven Yaden (ward 9), H Nikali Zhimo (ward 10), Phyobemo Odyuo (ward 11), Yimkumba (wars 12), R Chubala Ao (ward 13), Achum Jami (ward 14), Hukheto Yepthomi (ward 15), Nzanbeni Humtsoe (ward 16), T Vikheho Zhimomi (ward 17), Nampiebeu (ward 18), Kili N Sumi (ward 19), Lanuchuba Imchen (ward 20), Imlinaro Stephanie Ezung (ward 21), Orenponi Humtsoe (ward 22), and Limawati Imchen (ward 23).

The candidates for East Dimapur Town Council (wards 1 to 11) are Lireni Ovung Niuto Awomi, Kashito Kiho, Manna Zhimo, K Hokuto Murrumi, Kanato, Olotoli A Yeptho, Razu-o Dozo, Alemla Tovi, Khrishna Mech, and Phushito Sema.

The candidates for Medziphema Town Council (wards 1 to 9) are Neisaleno Khro, Thangminlen Singsit, Megozelhou Kuotsu, Kelengunuo Zumu, Asazo Talie, Bano Khanyo, Seyievinuo Vitsu, Abei Thepa and Vikhehiepie Siria.

The list of candidates for Chümoukedima Town Council (wards 1 to 11) are Priscilla Ngullie Mor, Lhousito Khro, Ruurie-u, Wilshine, Petevire Luho, Dr. Kelesekho Tsukru, Moala Ao, Kenilo Rengma, Sekho Thakro, Kevisenuo Kruse and Keneisetuo Doze.

The NDPP Wokha region held its ticket distribution ceremony at Hammock Resort in Wokha town. Former minister Dr. Chumben Murry and Advisor for Agriculture Mhathung Yanthan were present at the event.

In his speech, Murry emphasised the importance of women’s participation in the decision-making process, highlighting its potential to bring about new changes. He urged all candidates to represent the party effectively, work diligently, and secure victory in the elections, becoming the face of the NDPP.

Yanthan also underscored the significance of women and mentioned that the party conducted a comprehensive survey, allocating tickets based on merit. He encouraged everyone to strive for success in the elections and bring honour to the party.

President of the NDPP Wokha region, John Ezung, stated that the party will work hard to ensure the candidates’ success in the elections.

The NDPP tickets were issued to 11 candidates, including five women (two from the general wards and three from the reserved wards) and six men.

The Phek region of the NDPP held the programme at Phek Town Council Hall, where party tickets were handed over to 40 candidates.

Speaking at the function, KG Kenye, Minister of Power and Parliamentary Affairs, pointed out the state’s reliance on the central government for all development activities and finances. He stated that with the ULB elections, the elected members will be responsible for the development and management of their own affairs in the town councils.

He stated that the Nagaland Municipal Act will also encompass measures against defection. This legislation is expected to be ratified during the upcoming session of the Nagaland Legislative Assembly.

In his speech, Kudecho Khamo, Advisor for CAWD and Taxes, extended congratulations to the candidates selected by the NDPP for tickets. Among them, nine were chosen for Meluri town, nine for Chozuba town, 11 for Pfütsero town, and 11 for Phek town.

He advised the candidates to carry forward their visions and commitments to every household and electorate, aligning with the party principles and ideologies. He emphasised the importance of hard work and teamwork to ensure victory and collaborate effectively with the government.

Z Nyusietho Nyuthe, Advisor for New and Renewable Energy and NSDMA, highlighted the necessity for societal coexistence and urged individuals not to be misled by propaganda.

NPP Nagaland distributes tickets for DMC, KMC

The ticket distribution programme of the NPP for the Dimapur Municipal Council was held at the party’s office in Bank Colony, Dimapur.

According to an update, the programme was chaired by Audrey Mahung, president of Mahila NPP Nagaland, and the tickets were distributed by the state president and MLA A Nyamnyei Konyak in the presence of state executives, well-wishers, and MLA Kipili Sangtam.

The NPP candidates who received the tickets include Nikali Sumi Chophi (ward 7), Toli Achumi (ward 10), Yangertoshi Ao (ward 11), Jonathan Yepthomi (ward 23), and Kughali Chishi (ward 19).

Also, on June 10, the party issued party tickets to 11 intending candidates, including six female candidates contesting from both reserved and unreserved wards of Kohima Municipal Council (KMC).

The reservation for women under KMC is limited to six wards, including wards 1, 4, 7, 10, 13, and 16.

The NPP candidates for KMC are Mecieno Swu (ward 4), Kekhrieletuo Belho (ward 6), Alebu Sanchu (ward 12), Thejanuo Whourie (ward 13), Vizokhoto George Kirha (ward 14), Ane u Khaming (ward 16), P Kezo (ward 17), Sonuo Yanger (ward 18), Medoviu Martin Suohu (ward 19), Kekhrienyituo Sekhose (ward 3), and Leanne Kiewhuo (ward 7).

The ticket distribution ceremony took place at the residence of MLA Dr. Tseilhoutuo (Ato) Rhutso, who is also the NPP Nagaland working president, in Kohima.

In addition to the Kohima Municipal Council, he informed that the NPP is fielding its candidates in other councils, including Wokha town, Chümoukedima town, Pfutsero town, and DMC.

In the constituencies where the NPP is contesting against candidates belonging to the BJP or NDPP, despite being allies, Dr. Ato emphasised that regardless of the competition, the winners will cooperate with the leaders, irrespective of their political affiliations.

When asked about issuing a party ticket to a candidate from the Khiamniungan tribe, he said that Kohima is the capital for every tribe. He added that the candidate was congratulated by the Khiamniungan Tribal Council , indicating their lack of objection to her candidature.

Congress issues ticket to one for MMC

Meanwhile, the Mokokchung District Congress Committee issued an additional party ticket at its party office on June 10th, this time to Temsu Jamir from Sangtemla Ward No. 11 for the upcoming ULB election.

With this latest issuance, the Congress party has now distributed a total of six tickets for the Mokokchung Municipal Council.

After two decades, the ULB elections are set to happen on June 26 in Nagaland. These elections will also mark the first municipal elections in the state to include reserved seats for women.

By EM Bureau Updated: Jun 10, 2024 9:47:53 pm
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