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Nagaland Tribes Council finally launched

By EMN Updated: Oct 13, 2013 10:57 pm


DESPITE the ongoing clash between the Naga Hoho and various tribes over the formation a parallel body, the Naga Tribes Council (NTC) was formally launched in Kohima on October 12.
The formal function was held at Angami Publi Organisation (APO) conference hall wherein the house unanimously approved list of eight officials headed by Thepfulhouvi Solo as the first president and Nribemo Ngullie as general secretary to lead the newly constituted organization for five years (2013-2018).In his address, convenor NTC P Pius Lotha said, “Today is a red letter day for the Naga tribes in Nagaland as tribal leaders of different tribes after several rounds of contacts, consultations and deliberations with different tribal leaders and hoho presidents with much concerted efforts brought about a decision to have a platform for the Naga tribes of Nagaland which every aboriginal Nagas of Nagaland aspired and longed for since there was no such platform to raise issues of interest and to protect the Nagas of Nagaland, after the state which once a State of serenity was in turmoil due to numerous factors.”
Clearing doubts and questions of the general people, Lotha asserted that no unilateral arbitrary approach was made but unanimous decision was garnered in forming the NTC”.
The long vision of the masses has been broken with the launching of the platform under the nomenclature Nagaland Tribes Council, he said. He also highlighted that the object of NTC is to foster unity, brotherhood and fraternity amongst the Naga brothers of Nagaland. It would also promote, protect and preserve the social fabric and culture heritage of its communities and to strive towards common goal for the well being of all tribes in Nagaland.
NTC would extend solidarity towards the interest of each member tribe and propagate the need of peace and eschew any form of violence, misgivings and promote co-existence among all sections of Nagas and other communities, he said.
He said peace, understanding and cohesiveness within the Naga society is the prerequisite need of the hour.
“In these 50 years of statehood we have to introspect meaningfully what we have achieved and what transition has taken place,” he said adding that the 16 Point Agreement is the epoch and turning point of the fate of the Nagas through which we were carved out to be recognized as the 16th state of Indian Union.
“At this juncture we should abhor the shortfalls and invigorate our commitment to liberate ourselves from the clutches of attenuation,” he added.
On the tussle of NTC with Naga Hoho, he said Naga Hoho is an apex body representing all Nagas and its office bearers drawn from different tribes irrespective of the jurisdiction representing the tribe they belong to. It should therefore have no issue to deliberate about the formation of the NTC in the state of Nagaland for the aboriginal Naga tribes of Nagaland.
Pius Lotha further clarified that NTC is a non-political social organization and its main object is to bring about social harmony and close understanding with all Naga tribes of Nagaland, other tribes and communities to usher a common goal of interest and destiny.
“NTC shall without reservation coordinate with all organizations in all constructive ideologies and extend all endeavours with accommodative spirit for successful strive to meet the aspiration of the people for a common goal,” he added.
The first president, Thepfulhouvi Solo, expressed optimism that the launch of NTC will give a platform to the people to voice their concerns regarding issues in the interest of the Naga tribes. He pointed out that Nagaland is the only state in India whose land and resources are owned by its people and therefore the interest of the people have to be protected.
He also said NTC will give due importance to issues like the state government’s decision on recognition of Mao tribe and Rongmei tribes and similar issues as these matters will affect the future generation of the Nagas.
NTC’s doors are open for anyone who has the same aspirations and are willing to partner with the council, he said.
Member Constitution Drafting Committee Zhovehu Lohe and Member Search Committee Azu Newmai also spoke on the occasion.
NTC secretary Theja Therieh briefed the gathering on the formation of NTC while special presentations were made by Kohima Lotha Baptist Church, Zeliang tribe, Ao Senso Telongjem Kohima and Sumi tribe.
Other officials of the NTC for the tenure 2013-2018 are vice presidents – Lendi Ao and Toniho Sumi, assistant general secretaries – Kuluibe Kenging & Mishak Jemu; information & publicity secretary – Thejah Therieh and Treasurer – Kethozhapu Sahu. Convenor search committee Hokiyie Yepthomi announced the list of officials and also sought consensus from the gathering declaring acceptance by raising hands.
He also administered oath to the new team while principal of St. Joseph College, Jakhama Rev. Dr. Fr. Abraham Lotha pronounced the dedicatory prayer.
The launching ceremony chaired by founding member of NTC Ntsemo Ngullie commenced with opening prayer by Ordinance Secretary NCRC Rev. Dr. Luozeilie Sanchu.

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