Nagaland Tribes Council expresses anguish over Covid-19 outbreak
Monday, March 20, 2023

Nagaland Tribes Council expresses anguish over Covid-19 outbreak

By EMN Updated: Mar 25, 2020 12:02 am

Dimapur, March 24 (EMN): The Nagaland Tribes Council (NTC) has expressed anguish over the novel coronavirus (Covid-19) outbreak across the world, killing thousands of precious lives even in most advanced countries with best health care facilities.

The council stated in a press release issued on Tuesday that “India is no exception to the problem in spite of several precautionary measures adopted by the government both at the Centre and the state. It is also alarming to see the upward trend of statement available both in the print and electronic media”.

Stating that “India is not very far away from stage-3 of the Covid-19”, it wonders if Nagaland government is ready to deal with the impending Covid-19 pandemic. “Taking care of the people entering Nagaland, be it our children from other affected areas, tourist or other commoners visiting the state or passing through the state of Nagaland are of prime importance,” it stated.

‘At the same time it is worrisome to think the safety of the medical health workers and the facilities made available to them. The concerned department, that is the government of the day, must ensure safety and precautions for them in the hospitals, quarantine centres, the lone airport and railway stations and check points etc. The police personnel involve on the job must also be provided with health safety gears,’ it added.

The council said that the need of the hour is to provide quality face mask, goggles, gowns, gloves, thermal scanner and other equipment required for the safety of medical workers. “Without these require safety gears it is something like sending soldiers to warfront with gun without bullet and battle tank,” it added.

It suggested that the unemployed doctors, trained nurses or retired medical personnel be requisitioned for duty in order to thwart away the impending Covid-19 it required, adding that “paper order” would do little to save the lives of both the public and the health workers. “The ground reality will speak the actual preparedness. Be prepared on war footing measures to contain the coronavirus,” it said.

While asking the government to arrange ICU beds not only in government hospitals but also in private hospitals, the council has sought expanding of screening facilities in the state to contain the virus from becoming an epidemic. “Provide testing kids and preparedness instruction to all 11 districts and the sub-divisions in Nagaland to enhance screening and testing capacity to all suspected patients as immediately as possible,” it said.

It suggested making public, the “safety materials” being provided to all the health centres, on print media for satisfaction of the general public. It also urged the people of Nagaland to unitedly stand together and pray to Almighty God for His healing and also co-operate with the directives of the government in order to get rid of the Covid- 19.

By EMN Updated: Mar 25, 2020 12:02:54 am