Nagaland: TPO expresses doubts on Governor’s sincerity and commitment
Thursday, March 23, 2023

Nagaland: TPO expresses doubts on Governor’s sincerity and commitment

By EMN Updated: Jul 17, 2020 11:42 pm

Dimapur, July 17 (EMN): The Tenyimi People’s Organisation (TPO) has stated that Nagaland Governor RN Ravi’s recent moves have cast “doubts and uncertainty of sincerity and commitment” on the much-anticipated solution to the long-drawn Indo-Naga political issue based on unique history of the Nagas.

TPO, in a statement issued by its president Timikha Koza and the general secretary Vipopal Kintso, has taken strong exception to the letter of the governor to the chief minister, dictating all the government employees to declare on the involvement of their kith and kin in the Naga national groups and describing the Naga political groups as ‘armed gangs’ thereby urging the state machinery to take action as that of law and order situation.

TPO stated that the Naga people were given much hope when the interlocutor to the Indo-Naga peace talk, RN Ravi, who is also the governor of the state, declared earlier this year that solution was in the offing having successfully concluded the negotiations after a long peace process of more than two decades. It added that the expectation was heightened after the signing of much-hyped Framework Agreement and the Preamble.

While acknowledging that there could be disagreement here and there or variations in interpretation in some points as in the case of flag and constitution, the TPO felt that a real deal could be hammered out for the interest of all concerned with the right approach and sincerity from all parties. It, however, stated that the revelation of the governor’s letters to the chief minister gave rise to doubts and uncertainty of sincerity and commitment. 

The TPO stated that Indo-Naga peace process, as it understood, started with the acceptance of the Naga issue by the government of India as a political one which then led to the recognition of the unique history and situation of the Naga people. It added that besides signing of agreements, various prime ministers of India had expressed their willingness and commitment to bring the protracted Indo-Naga imbroglio to a logical conclusion.

“The most hope-inspiring statement was made by the present Prime Minister, Narendra Modi, in an international platform on August 17, 2015, in Dubai. But it is quite surprising to find now that RN Ravi, the representative of GOI, in his letter to the chief minister of Nagaland had termed the Naga political groups with which he is officially engaged in dialogue for several years as ‘armed Gangs’ and attempting to portray and push the state machinery to take action as that of a law and order situation, besides threatening to take over the rein of the state government and emasculate the democratically elected government,” TPO stated.

It went on to add that another alarming development was the office memorandum of the Home department, which made it mandatory for all the government employees to self-declare about their family members and relatives in underground organisations. Having learned from a reliable source that the office memorandum was ensued owing to the insistence of the office of the governor, TPO has termed as against the principle of the acceptance of the Naga struggle as a political issue.

It stated that the push by the governor for the state police to take action against Naga national groups and the directive for self-declaration of all government employees seemed like a highly calculated ruse to insidiously divide the Nagas and create further internal conflict.

The TPO has fervently appealed to Ravi to show compassion to the people and impart wisdom of a true statesman to bring the people together than divide and bridge the gap of differences than take advantage so that a negotiated settlement is clinched which is acceptable and honourable to all in order to usher in real lasting peace and development.

By EMN Updated: Jul 17, 2020 11:42:25 pm