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Nagaland: Students in Dimapur trained on fire safety

By EMN Updated: Sep 01, 2022 9:21 pm
PWC students trained on fire safety
Personnel from Fire Station Dimapur-West demonstrating on handling of fire extinguishers at Pranabananda Women’s College on August 31.

Dimapur, Sep. 1 (EMN): The Fire Station Dimapur-West conducted a “Fire and evacuation drill” at the premises of Pranabananda Women’s College on August 31.

An update from the college stated that the team led by its officers and sub-ordinate officers educated the students and staff about the safety precautions that need to be undertaken in fire related incidents either in their residence, shopping establishments or in their places of study. It stated that the team had demonstrated on the utility of different types of fire extinguishers and the techniques to operate them efficiently and safely.

Similarly, the team also presented a drill on rescue techniques relating to fire disaster.

Report stated that many student volunteers have come forward and eagerly participated in the exercise and learned valuable lessons relating to fire and other natural disasters.

Meanwhile, the college authorities have acknowledged the efforts undertaken by the team in organising such programmes and wished them the best in their future endeavours.

In a related programme, a fire and evacuation drill was conducted by the personnel from Fire Station Dimapur-West at MGM Higher Secondary School on Wednesday.

The school in an update informed that officer-in-charge, Nozoto Angami, along with nine of his subordinates conducted the drill and educated the students and staff the school on fire safety and how to be a first responder in times of unfortunate events and natural disaster (earthquakes, landslides, flood etc) or man-made disasters (fire in public places or private homes).

One of the officers explained and practically demonstrated on the various types of fire extinguishers including carbon dioxide fire extinguisher to douse flame caused by electricity and any other means, chemical- type fire extinguisher used for separating combustible substances from oxygen supply to extinguish the flame and foam-type fire extinguisher, which is applied to douse fire caused by liquid substances (petrol, diesel, oils etc.) and electricity, it stated.

They also demonstrated on how to douse fires caused by LPG cylinder leakages and to perform rescue operations of injured persons in any event of natural calamities.

In another programme, Fire and Emergency Services conducted a mock drill at Salt Christian College (SCC) in the college campus on August 31. The personnel from Fire and Emergency Services demonstrated various techniques and safety measures in times of fire breakout.

Besides, the technique and correct ways to use fire extinguishers were also displayed by the personnel. The teaching staff and the students of the college attended the mock drill.

By EMN Updated: Sep 01, 2022 9:21:00 pm
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