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Nagaland: Society angered by spate of crimes

By EMN Updated: Mar 06, 2015 11:31 pm

‘Every accused person deserves fair trial’

Dimapur, March 6

[dropcap]T[/dropcap]he results of a succession of governments and even weaker local administrations and police have begun showing as Nagaland began the New Year with a spate of violent upheavals. The latest instances of the breakdown are the murder of an official of telecom service provider Bharat Sanchar Nigam Limited (BSNL) by unidentified gunmen in Dimapur.
Even Dimapur bore a violent two days since an alleged rape case which reportedly took place in February emerged in the news several days ago, another case of rape has been reported in Wokha. This time, one senior person has been accused of raping a minor in Longsachung village, near Wokha town.Civil organizations in the state continue to express outrage for the strings of crimes that continue to shake the state since February. The Rongmei Naga People’s Organization and a village community organization in Wokha district on Friday issued statements denouncing the untoward incidents.
RNPO: No matter what crime, everyone deserves fair trial
The Rongmei Naga People’s Organization issued a statement on Friday decrying the brutal murder of a BSNL telecom official GM Rongmei by unidentified gunmen on March 1 in Signal Bosti in Dimapur. The organization stated that the killers should “come out and admit, justify and seek the forgiveness of the deceased family and the society” to avert ‘vengeance.’
“What is more odious than the act of shooting at point blank at the face of the one who was called out from his home? Imagine! What wrong or crime has he done for such as a supposed deserving penalty? Can any citizens find secure when such a crook and brute are let free in the society?” the Rongmei Naga People’s Organization queried in anger
The civil organization reminded that persons accused of crime, no matter what offence he may have committed, deserve a fair trial in the court of law and to tell their side of the story.
‘…every citizen must be morally obliged to voice out against such heinous elements freely prevailing in the society. Whatever and however severe the crime the deceased might have committed, he must be given a chance to trial, prove and dealt as per the laws. Killing without a trial is too inhumane and not acceptable by act of laws and human rights in today’s civilization,” the Rongmei organization stated.
The Rongmei organization challenged the “responsible person for the crime come out and admit, justify and seek the forgiveness of the deceased family and the society that God may forgive and save him from the wrathful vengeance. Come out and confess before the God of vengeance and the society and be forgiven.”
The Rongmei Naga People’s Organization has conveyed condolences to the bereaved family of the deceased on behalf of all the Rongmei people of Manipur, Nagaland and Assam and elsewhere.
“May our Good Lord give strength and hope against odd and dark moments the family experience in such a nightmare and bitter lost of the loved one late GM Rongmei,” the statement added.
OCYO: Minor raped by senior person
An organization based in Wokha district has reported on Friday that a girl of 13 years had been allegedly raped by a 64 year old man in Longsachung village, a village located several kilometers away from Wokha town. The Old Changsu Youth Organization issued a statement on March 6 alleging the case and has sought punishment for the alleged accused.
“The Old Changsu Youth Organization has strongly condemned the alleged rape of a 13 year-old minor girl by one Mhathung Ezung (64) of Longsachung village on March 3 at officers’ hill colony, Wokha town,” the organization stated in its statement.
President of the students’ organization S Zuchamo Patton appended the statement.
The students’ group “offered a message of empathy to the victim and urged upon the law enforcing authorities to award stern punishment to the culprit.”
The students also appealed to all right-thinking citizens to condemn the alleged act “and anti-social elements in a civilized society.”

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