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Nagaland records highest Covid cases, deaths in single week

By Mirror Desk Updated: May 23, 2021 12:41 am

Timing of deaths indicates late arrival to Covid-19 hospital

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Dimapur, May 22 (EMN):
Covid-19 cases and casualties continue to increase in Nagaland as 2062 infections and 68 deaths (excluding cases reported on Saturday) were reported in the past week ending May 21, which is highest single week spike in new cases and casualties since the pandemic began last year.

The weekly bulletin from the state’s Health and Family Welfare department revealed that out of 2062 confirmed cases last week, self and random test account for 54%; traced contacts- 38%; armed forces- 4%; and 2% each from travellers and frontline workers.

Timing of deaths

The department stated that the timing of deaths (from admission) in Covid-19 hospitals in 2021 indicated that people seek medical help too late.

“16 % of deaths happened within six hours of admission and 34% of deaths within 24 hours signifying late arrival to Covid-19 hospital with too advanced symptoms,” it stated.

It added that “among all covid-19 deaths in Dimapur till date, none had been fully vaccinated and only eight had received the first dose”.

A total of 2,53,153 (2.53 lakh) doses of vaccine, including13,589 in the past week, have been administered across the state till date. It added that 7,298 beneficiaries have been vaccinated in the first two days of vaccination for the 18–44 age group.

4 stages of Covid progression

The Health department also shared about Covid-19 disease progression. In stage one or incubation period, it said the virus enters the body and multiplies inside the cells. Patient will not have symptoms at this phase, which happens 5-6 days on an average after contracting the virus or between 2-14 days.

“Isolate immediately as this period can be very infectious and observe for appearance of symptoms,” it warned.

In the second stage (5-10 days), mild symptomatic like fever, cough, sore throat, body ache, headache, diarrhoea etc. appear as the infected body starts fighting the viruses by producing antibodies. “In more than 80% of cases, fever comes down by the 4th, 5th day and you will recover,” it was informed.

It is critical to monitor if symptoms like fever, cough, chest congestion, breathing worsen during this stage, it said, adding that one should seek medical help at the earliest if symptoms sever.

In stage three or early phase of lung infection (10-14 days), the update said “the infection has reached the lungs” the body might “start attacking your own cells at this stage leading to blood clots etc.”

It said patients may find difficulty in breathing, SPO2 drops below 94% and fever and cough sever at this stage, necessitating the need to admit to Covid-19 hospital for treatment.

In the fourth stage or hyperinflammatory phase (14-28 days or more), the update said widespread multi system inflammation, cytokine storm, blood clots and acute respiratory distress syndrome (ARDS) could happen and thus increasing oxygen requirement. It added that patients might be required to be admitted in ICU and put on a ventilator.

However, it stated that timeline and symptoms indicated are only the average and it depends on immunity and other biological factors of a person. It went on to state ‘drugs like Remdesivir, Ivermectin, Tocilizumab etc. have very limited data on efficacy and should be used only with caution as prescribed by a medical doctor’ and steroids “should be used only in a hospital setting as misuse can be fatal”.

By Mirror Desk Updated: May 23, 2021 12:41:08 am